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    Finally had a chance too work on the Ranger again.

    Got the doors ensolite cut too shape and have decided on a gameplan for the MLV also.

    Will be using HH-66 to 'bond' the MLV too the door panel. Effectively sandwiching the MLV between the ensolite (ccf) and the doors weather barrier ( which is also ccf). This solution will provide around 90% MLV coverage on the doors and with the damper/insulation inside the door I am declaring this as good as I can do.
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    Crutchfield just mailed me a catalog and it contained part 4 of the ultimate car stereo series. I mention this because I found this article particularly timley too me.

    They are soundproofing an F150 and some of the things in the article:

    soundproofing is very time consuming
    the did before and after SPL (Sound Pressure Level) checks. Before was 86db After was 81db. This is about half what I hope too achieve so not looking good for that 10db loss I am, without any logical reason, hoping for. More bad news is the 86db before measurment is about what I got on my base level measurments.
    on the plus side the did achieve 10db SPL loss on particularly noisy roads, gravel. I dont travel on any gravel roads though.
    They went with more product is better approach I have seen in so many builds.
    for some odd reason the did the soundproofing AFTER the install was complete. I find this a strange choice.
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