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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky Tennessee Titans (5-0) at Kansas City Chiefs (1-4), 1 p.m. ET

    [​IMG][​IMG] The Titans could be thinned out at receiver and on the defensive line, depending on the progress of some injured players. Even so, I'd expect they can handle the Chiefs at Arrowhead considering their 26-17 win there last year came when the Titans weren't this good and the Chiefs weren't this bad.
    Jeff Fisher and his staff are steady. While anything is possible, if the Titans suffer their first defeat of the season I doubt it's going to be because players take the field thinking ahead to "Monday Night Football" against Indianapolis.
    Tennessee has also won eight straight games in the regular season dating to last season, the longest current regular-season win streak in the NFL, and the team's longest since winning a franchise-record 11 straight from Oct. 17, 1993-Jan. 2, 1994.
    The Titans are 15-2 since 2006 when recording two interceptions in a game. It could be strong safety Chris Hope's turn to get one. A matchup that should be fun to watch: linebacker Keith Bulluck against tight end Tony Gonzalez.
    Indianapolis Colts (3-2) at Green Bay Packers (3-3), 4:15 p.m. ET

    [​IMG][​IMG] The Colts thrive in October, but then they started the season known as a great September team and went just 2-2.
    Dominic Rhodes is the lead running back with Joseph Addai hurt. Can the NFL's 32-ranked rushing offense gain ground on the Packers No. 27 rush defense? The bigger question may be will it want to? Indy looks to be back to where it can throw to set up the run.
    I'll be very interested to see the first quarter, because I think if the Colts are able to score early and put a little pressure on their hosts, they will have seized control and won't give it back. That's their formula and they pulled it off last week in fine fashion at home against Baltimore. We'll find out if they can take it to a tough place like Lambeau Field. If they can't and the Pack can get Ryan Grant his carries, that will be bad news for the Colts. Green Bay is 7-0 when Grant gets 19 carries or more.
    Aaron Rodgers has thrown multiple touchdown passes in his last three games. How will he react to a quick defense in which end Robert Mathis has been tracking and terrorizing quarterbacks?
    According to the Elias Sport Bureau, Rodgers has completed at least one pass for 40 yards or more in all six games this season, equaling the longest single-season streak of Brett Favre's 16-year career in Green Bay. Favre had only one such streak of six games (2004).
    I really like that Elias. Would like to meet him sometime.
    Detroit Lions (0-5) at Houston Texans (1-4), 4:05 p.m. ET

    [​IMG][​IMG] Earlier today I sketched out how the Texans have been bad offensively in the first quarter, but how Detroit has been worse defensively. This would be a good time for the Texans to come out firing and dictate things early.
    Gary Kubiak has repeatedly said Steve Slaton is the lead running back and Ahman Green will just fill in around him as need be. But a game in whichÂ* the Texans have a lead early on would allow them to measure out a good balance.
    Dan Orlovsky is set to start at quarterback for Detroit again. His silly drop-back-and-roll-out along the out of bounds stripe in the back of the end zone last week at Minnesota should rank as a classic blooper. Detroit quarterbacks have been sacked 22 times, so it'll be no surprise if he does something weird again with Mario Williams bearing down.
    Veteran George Foster is back at right tackle for Detroit after rookie Gosder Cherilus proved not ready last week. Foster could wind up seeing as much or more of Williams as left tackle Jeff Backus.

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