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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by razordaman, Oct 9, 2011.

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  1. razordaman

    razordaman Starter

    Troupe 2.0 rofl!!

    Wow that was a good one.
  2. Maker_84

    Maker_84 Starter

    Our defensive line is unfortunately overrated. Getting Haynesworth back in the offseason would have been a bigger signing than Hassleback, you can rush 4 when you have a line like we did in 08-09 but this season we need to be bringing extra guys and going more man coverage. If our corners are as good as everyone says they are they should be in more man coverage where they can make more plays.
  3. BeatADeadColt

    BeatADeadColt Camp Fodder

    Or perhaps it's just that we don't have anybody that can rush the QB.

    Forgive me for not knowing the details of the game because I had to work 12-8:30 today.

    If you look at our team we really don't have anybody who's specialty involves rushing the passer except Morgan. We didn't adress it in the draft or in free agency, and Morgan's essentially a rookie himself. He's also coming off an injury. We're used to having a Javon Kearse, Kevin Carter, Vanden Bosch, etc. on the team. We never had to draw up wild blitzes, because the DEs could get after the QB just fine.

    I wasn't as happy to get rid of Babin as everybody else in Tennessee was. Yeah the dude has his faults, but we're certainly putting a lot of pressure on a second year guy with a knee injury.
  4. BeatADeadColt

    BeatADeadColt Camp Fodder

    Completely agree with this. Doing this in my head, we're only returning three starters on defense from our starting line-up last year. JJ, Griffin, and Finnegan. And our defense wasn't even that good last year.

    I think the plays seem basic because you have to start basic when you have so many young and average players.

    Don't know why everybody's championing for WRs in the draft next year. I'd use my first 3-4 picks on defense (pass rushers primarily, and a safety if Babineaux doesn't get it together by the end of the season) and a center. Just hope to God Britt comes back healthy and see DWill continues to improve. Plus since its WR season in next year's draft, that means the guys that would usually be mid-round picks will fall to the later rounds.
  5. quagliero

    quagliero Teh Awsum

    That's what I was yelling at the TV in my mid-game red-mist moments. But the truth is they ran so many quick 3-step passes that throwing the kitchen sink wouldn't have had much of an effect. They were hitting the underneath quick stuff all day, it's solely on Jerry Gray for not getting the DBs to jam at the line to disrupt timing and force Ben to progress through his reads. Nothing pisses me off more than watching our soft zone get picked apart.
  6. Big TT

    Big TT Annoying the's what I do.

    Yep, not much "give a crap" displayed yesterday by any titan except Hasselbeck, he played ok. If this had been a home game I would have left at the middle of the 2nd period and gone out to eat instead of watching that pitiful performance.:suspect:
  7. RTH

    RTH Meh...

    But that WAS the problem. Pressure should've been created - with the front 4 or blitzes. The Steelers were absolutely RIPE for pressure. The ingredients were perfect for it.

    An Offensive Line that has no cohesion and is hobbled... a Left Guard/Tackle that hasn't played in a YEAR... a hobbled Ben that shouldn't have mobility.

    Perfect for pressure of any type... yet, we didn't even attempt. Obviously.

    Instead, Ben got to sit back there and make no difficult passes. Mike and Frank even commented about that... he threw 5 TDs, but not one pass was difficult.

    That was the most glaring problem I saw/heard in the game... no pressure. We should have created pressure and hit Ben.

    I don't care about our lack of run... passing can only go so far... even our run defense can only go so far. But... there was ZERO excuse for no pressure.

    Seriously, that could've changed the ENTIRE game had we put pressure on Ben and hit him.
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