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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky The Jaguars rank 20th in run defense, hardly the sort of presence they expected to have this year against the ground game. In seven of 10 games this season they have given up at least 103 rushing yards.

    Two out of three AFC South opponents so far have not been able to get a handle on Minnesota's Adrian Peterson - he ran for 160 yards against Indianapolis and 139 yards against Houston, and while the Titans held Peterson to 80 yards, he scored two touchdowns in Tennessee.

    Jacksonville's fate Sunday against the Vikings star running back may determine whether the Jaguars finish the day at 5-6 or 4-7.

    "We have some people who do some advance work and there were a lot of 'wow's and 'oh my gosh' and different descriptions," coach Jack Del Rio said of the Jaguars initial looks at Peterson.

    First down may prove especially big.

    Jacksonville is 27th in the NFL, allowing an average of 5.71 yards. Minnesota is middle of the pack in first-down offense, but if the Vikings are able to force the issue and get Peterson going on first down, it could go a long way towards setting them on a winning course.

Thread Status:
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