Assessing work left to do in AFC South

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by NewsGrabber, Mar 12, 2009.

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    He does do that often, doesn't he? If he makes a bad play or errant throw, it seems like he over dramatizes it if he was hit, he rolls around on the ground, pounding the turf, like he just took a Tom Brady hit, and then gets up and he's fine. He's like that guy you play ball with in the summer league who calls a foul everytime he misses, or acts like he turns an ankle when he shoots an airball:ha: How many times in his rookie and 2nd year did he totally silence the home crowd rolling around in pain on the field because he got his foot stepped on? I will admit, it really was scary the first 8-9 times I saw it, now I just come to expect it. "The little boy who cried wolf syndrome."
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    The Texans might just turn the corner, but their problem is that the sum is less than the parts. They have enough good players to certainly make the playoffs, at least in most divisions. They haven't developed an identity, though. In some ways the're trying to be the high-powered Colts - but last I checked you need Peyton Manning to do that. They can score, but they can't close a game. Their defense has a few stars, but we all know if you have even 1 weak link on defense the stars don't matter.
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