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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Two Kings, Mar 25, 2012.

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    like I said earlier, sarcasm gets lost on the internet. No harm done.
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    He was tatted up this last season

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    Haha I was just f***ing around. I was totally being sarcastic.
  4. Deuce Wayne

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    So Charles Woodson hasn't improved the Packers secondary? And the 'FACT' that he was the 2nd best CB in the most important stat for CB' could he not drastically improve our secondary vs the pass? He was light years ahead of everyone we had in the secondary last year.

    Of course we'd like to build with pass rushers first...but do you see a Dwight Freeney in his prime who we could get for a 3rd rnd pick and 7mil a year? I don't see that either. What I do see is an opportunity to significantly help our D. Why would we NOT want to?

    He's better than our current cb's.
    We have the stats to prove it.
    We already signed a starting pass rusher and will probably draft one in the draft - thereby beefing up the DL's role.
    Now they were talking conditional 3rd rnd pick which means they only get that if he plays VERY well!
    Very few third round picks even contribute much or turn into something decent while Samuel is top 5 at his position. Wanna name me all the 3rd rnd picks we've taken in the last 5-10 years who were top 5 at there position?

    Hopefully you get the idea. There is little downside. If he doesn't play as well, we're not giving up the third rnd pick anyway.

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    Perhaps we have a difference of opinion. When the Opposing QB throws for over 330yds against your defense, throws 2 TD's and no interceptions and finished the game with a 109.9 QB rating, I consider that a very poor performance by our D. And if you think a QB putting up a 109 rating on us is ok, I can understand why getting someone to drastically improve that would not be a high priority as it doesn't sound like you think that's much of a problem.

    Of course we'd like to build from our line on back, but there is no young Dwight Freeney available for the same price (or any price for that matter). We do have the opportunity to improve our secondary which hasn't exactly been living in top 10 land.

    Wouldn't it be nice to have the CB who gave up the 2nd lowest QB rating and usually intercepts a lot of passes yr in yr out?

    I think so.


    PS - the best way to stop elite qb's is with a comination of great pass rush and great secondary play. Notice the Jets have not had a pass rush the last couple of seasons but they have improved their cb spots and have had excellent success doing so. Why don't you think it would work for us?
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    Samuel is a zone corner and cant tackle for nothing. While the picks would be nice, the buncha of missed picks and missed tackles wouldnt make up for it though.. Id rather bring in Trufant and see what hes capable or has left. Worst case hed be a nickel corner. Good depth. dont trade for Samuel unless we plan on trading him for a need. But this isnt the NBA so.
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    I'd rather live under a bridge in Seattle than be King of Miami. Miami is a hole. Seattle is very nice,

    Thank God for small favors.
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    You must be kidding! I won't even get into it.
  10. GTFO my pancakz

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    I hope your kidding. Come out of your hole ol' timer.

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