As upset as anyone, but when you look at the situation rationally....

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titan1207, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. titan1207

    titan1207 28 years bleeding blue

    the fact of the matter is we are a good team that is playing bad. Make no mistake the losses are SQUARELY on the shoulders of the Titans themselves. As we hear them say over and over again, "we dug ourselves a hole, now we must dig out of it." That statement is true to the point. Like it or not for the next 5 - 7 weeks its do or die for the Titans. I say 5 - 7 weeks because by then we will be able to see where the AFC and more importantly the AFC South stands. From my couch on Sunday afternoons the most disappointing thing is I walk away from each game feeling the Titans are the better team. Better said, the team that should have won the game. Mistakes occurring at the WORST possible times are killing this team. On a positive note, they are fundamental mistakes that seem to be easily correctable. The bottom line is the Titans need to win a ballgame. The Titans need to win this week against the Jags. I don't care what anyone says you will NEVER recover from an 0 - 4 start. In the NFL it doesn't happen. I don't place the blame on Mouton for the Jets loss, that one goes on Fisher. He makes the decisions who returns kicks and he should have learned from last week let alone the fumble on the first kickoff return. Mouton looks scared. After the first fumble he was set up for failure. Fisher wears this one because the Titans were up 17 - 14 before the punt and were dominating the game. There is no question if Mouton handles the punt Titans win. The fact of the matter is that's all over now. Win this week or the seasons over. Get a win this week and the Titans must go 2 - 0 to get to the by week at 3 - 3. After the by the Titans need to go at least 7 - 3 the rest of the way to have a chance (that would be 10 - 6). It's difficult, but possible. This team won 10 in a row last year. We will know more after this week. Like it or not the Jags game is the season, at least until the next week notwithstanding we win.
  2. nickmsmith

    nickmsmith Most poverty RB core.

    An important part of being the better team is winning when you get the chances in the game. That's why Brady was better in every Super Bowl but one, and that's why the Titans haven't been good this season. Better teams don't give away wins.
  3. TBC_titan

    TBC_titan Camp Fodder

    You do know that no one here will disagree with you concerning the losses are on the shoulders of the Titans, right? Everyone knows that already. Doesn't mean we DON'T have a right to be upset.
    I think Bud needs to publicly call Fisher out again and light a fire under his arse.
  4. titan1207

    titan1207 28 years bleeding blue

    We TOTALLY have the right to be upset. I'm not saying that. I am saying this thing can be fixed, but must be fixed immediately. We have the talent to get to done. If the Titans play solid mistake free football, I like their chances against anyone on the schedule the rest of the way.
  5. LegolElf

    LegolElf Camp Fodder

    I completely agree with what you say about the Titans are killing themselves and are a good team playing badly right now (compared to last years ride an ok team playing really well). Last year we played well enough to have some luck and get the ball bouncing our way. This year the mistakes are showing that it will cost us a game, even if the overall talent level is better.

    A win will do wonders and help them get their confidence going. We win at Jags next week, we have a shot at Indy and Pats cuz of the confidence it will bring. We lose to Jags and we more than likely start 0-6, and VY will be the starter for out 7th game after the BYE week.

    I feel we should be 3-0, and rightfully so. Compare us with the other 0-3 teams (Rams, Bucs, Chiefs, Dolphins, Browns, and prolly Panthers after tonight) and we don't just beat those teams, but chances are we blow them out. Right now we are a good team with Super Bowl potential who has hit a sting of bad luck and it's going to take a complete game in all phases to get a win and turn this thing around.

    I feel that right now when they are in a close game the players are just waiting on a mistake to happen to screw us and cause us to lose, much like we as a fan base are starting to expect. Until something positive happens it will be hard to dig our way out. But it can happen.
  6. Pacman 4 HoF

    Pacman 4 HoF Special Teams Standout

    btw we have to play the colts and the pats very soon, games that we needed to play our best ball against in order to win... we are screwed. face reality.
  7. LegolElf

    LegolElf Camp Fodder

    Just looked it up, and here is how the 0-3 teams compare...

    Titans 0-3 by a combined 13 pts...
    Chiefs 0-3 by a combined 37 pts...
    Browns 0-3 byt a combined 66 pts...
    Miami 0-3 by a combined 26 pts...
    Rams 0-3 by a combined 49 pts...
    Tampa Bay 0-3 by a combined 50 pts...
    Panthers 0-2 by a combined 36 pts...

    No doubt, we blow out all of those teams.

    Also, the Lions, Texans, and Raiders ALL have a win but a worse point differential than us. And keep in mind, the Steelers are 1-2 with the two losses being by a combined 3 points.

    This all shows you, the Titans and Steelers are both legit teams, who are not winning the close games. This happens. It's not yet over. There is a long season to go. Hopefully some order will come about and the Jets, Broncos, etc will all come back down to earth.

    Only time (and hopefully a few Titans wins along the way) will tell.
  8. tex-titan

    tex-titan Camp Fodder

    The way I see it the defense is most likely going to give up 7 more points per game than they did last year. I know AH is fat and doesn't always play but when he did he made a difference. We will miss him.

    Special teams are broken and unless they are fixed they will cost us more points.

    This brings me to the offense. They need to be more productive, and this will need to come from KC and the WR's.

    If KC can't step it up then we are going to lose a LOT of games.

    Last year all we needed was a game manager and somebody that wouldn't mess it up. I don't think that is going to cut it this year. The offense needs to score more points.
  9. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler


    Hmmm...some puzzling things here. First, it's Fisher's fault Mouton fumbled the ball while running it? Is it Fisher's fault Collins threw 2 terrible picks? Is it Fisher's fault when we get false starts or holding penalties? Is it Fisher's fault we dropped an easy interception and didn't get a fumble we just had to fall on? Is it Fisher's fault that Griff chose not to cover Andre Johnson? Come on. Players make mistakes. Coaches make mistakes. A lot of this is on the players. You want to blame Fisher and MR for not having a more reliable returner on the roster, fine. But you can't blame Fisher every time a guy fumbles the ball. I mean, do we credit Fisher when they call a draw to CJ on 3rd and forever and he busts it 90+yds for a TD? No, that's a player making a great play. Coaches should get credit for what they do well and what they do poorly. But players have to bear the same credit and blame for what they do.

    At times we outcoached them yesterday and at times it was vice versa. Sometimes our players made excellent plays and at times they didn't make plays a High School player can make.

    Second, the REASON he didn't take Mouton out was because we don't have anyone better right now, his first fumble was during the run back, not the catch so they aren't the same, and perhaps most importantly, with both Fuller and Finny out, he couldn't kill Mouton's confidence because he was gonna play CB the rest of the game and the defense needed him. What would you have liked Fisher to do? He's in a no win situation as a coach since Chris Carr's not sitting on the bench.

    Third, I would agree the fumble really killed our momentum, but we had PLENTY of chances to win the game after that and didn't do it. How can you say we would have definitely won if not for the fumble?

  10. galaril

    galaril Camp Fodder

    Yes, it is his fault for putting players into situations they are not qualified to be in.
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