As a Colts fan, the "Fire Fisher" talk puzzles me.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Luv_PonyExpress, Oct 5, 2009.

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  1. memphis_raven

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    Adams will never get rid of his boy and you guys will have up and down years for eternity. I feel your pain but it doesn't look like the organization will do anything about it. As a fan of a team that sometimes sees you in the playoffs, I'm glad he's still around. But bringing in a younger motivated assistant who wants to make his mark seems to be a trend that is working pretty well and it's got a great economic advantage as well - he will cost a fraction of what they're paying Fisher.
  2. TitanBlazer

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    In words of the great Bill Parcells "You are what your records says you are"

    15 years as head coach of the Oilers/Titans

    Games over .500: 22
    Super Bowl Wins: 0
    Conference Championships: 1
    Division Championships: 4

    This might be elite if you were a head coach in this league for only 5 years. He is VERY average.

    Jeff deserves the chance to pull it together this year but if we finish with a losing record then he really needs to go. That rebuilding crutch is long past. Put up or shutup time Jeff!!!!
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    His forehead has nothing to do with keeping his pimphand strong
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    Agreed, except for the part about him being "very average". I think he's an above average coach but yeah he's definitely overrated. Time for a change regardless of how we finish IMO.
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