Are you Pro Vince Young/Anti Jeff Fisher

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by dbc5631, Dec 2, 2009.

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    I beg to differ. Folks have to remember, even as vince young does what he is doing right now (even the dolphins) 99% of the coaching world would make some bone head attempt to go back to the same old boring run of the mill pass orientated offense from which Vince Young will be expected to run out of when things break down.

    They normally come out saying that "vy is a great Qb, he is a smart guy, he can grasp the west coast offense, we have confidence in him". Daring the sports analysts and idiot pundits to call VY dumb if they disagree with the direction he is taking the team in..(look up Jim Mora and how he wasted Vick in that nonsensical west coast offense. He had the most explosive player in the league and instead of designing a unique "Vick offense" never seen any where in the league before he chose to go with the same ole run of the mill bull crap west coast offense.

    In a coach for the titans you would need a guy who can look at your key guys, VY, CJ, great offensive line. Design a unique offense around that. Incorporate the young recieving talents and tight ends in JAred Cook and Bo (if we keep him). then put your product on the field and sit back and watch pfizer stock go through the roof as defense coordinators buy up all the pain killers for the headaches this offense will present.

    First on that list for me would be Dinger himself. After all he is the one designing this offense with VY, he is the one spending time with him in the film, he is the one i see talking to VY on the sidelines and not Fisher. (And especially after the game against the cardinals i am convinced VY is listening to him and thats why he only used CJ as decoy instead of the crutch some of us falsely accused him of.) (Hopefully the upward move wouldnt cripple this relationship with VY having to deal with another OC)

    Shanahaan of course wouldnt be bad either. He is a guy who makes lemonade when he is given lemons and there are few better strategists than him in the game today.

    I would even take JAck Del Rio (hate him all you want to, he is a good coach that has had the misfortune of playing in the same division with Manning and the plethora of great talents that have been the titans ie, Mcnair, eddie george, Wycheck etc) I do remember him watching him go for it a couple of times on 4th down against the titans in his own territory with his team facing fat Alberts belly. He had a good reason to do this and when i saw this, i knew it was a great call. Risky, but great. Something fisher would never ever do. (and puh lease dont bring up that 4th down attempt vs the texans.)

    Pretty much any body with an open mind in coaching would suffice. But please enough of these old worn out guys from centuries ago who some how seem to forget that the largest majority of failed teams are built to run the same old run of the mill passing Qb, peyton manning type schemes.
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    I think that right there is the key ! We need someone that is willing to adapt to what is around them and TRY different things. Otherwise we will find ourselves in the same situation
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    neutral vince anti fisher every week gettin closer to pro-vince tho
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