Are we undervaluing Pac's coverage this year?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by eberry, Nov 20, 2006.

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  1. Nine

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    Pacman is fast becoming a very, very good cornerback, and has been very effective against some of the best WR's in the game.

    But let's not get ahead of ourselves, here. He was awful against the Jets, and got burned repeatedly by Cotchery. He got burned for a TD by Terry Glenn, and had an awful game against the Ravens. However, for the most part, he's been very solid.

    If he'll get his head of his a55 and grow up a little, he'll be one of the most dangerous and celebrated players in the league....a combination of Rashean Mathis and Dante Hall. But at this point, we've seen little or no indication that he even realizes that there is a problem.
  2. Pass Rush

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    He got beaten so bad against the ratbirds though...
  3. eberry

    eberry Camp Fodder

    Which one was his?
  4. titansfan9

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    Pacman completely shut down TO for like 0 catches I believe- TO got his numbers when he went against Hill, and Pacman completly shut down Harrison, the TD came went Pac got hurt and we put Woolfolk on Harrison, and the next play Manning looked directly in Harrison's direction- the only recievers Pac had a hard time with are Terry Glenn and Derick Mason...
  5. Gunny

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    Of course no one has mentioned the #2 WRs and their catches.
  6. FightinTitan

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    While Adam Jones is improving, he is nowhere near being an eliite corner in the NFL. He still has a long way to go to reach that plateau.

    Look at the following facts.

    Titans opponents know that they can both run and pass effectively against the Titans.

    The Titans have the 5th worst statistical pass defense in the NFL.

    Titans Opponents Throwing the Ball On The Titans Defense:

    * Attempt 35.2 passes per game against the Titans.
    * Complete 62.8% of their passes on the Titans.
    * Have acccumulated 2,278 yards in passing yardage on the Titaans.
    * Average 227.8 yards per game through the air on the Titans.
    * Have thrown 18 TDs on the Titans.

    I would not look at those stats and believe that anyone in the secondary is a lock-down corner or stopper. There are other factors involved in pass defense, such as sacks, pressure, and run defense.

    Our opponents also like to run the ball alot on the Titans defense. In fact they run the ball oon us almost as often as they throw on the Titans defense. Why throw when you have a lead and can move the balll on the ground with equal if not better success.

    The Titans run defense is the 3rd worst in the NFL.

    Titans Opponents Running The Ball On The Titans Defense:

    * Opponents run the ball 31.5 per game on the Titans.
    * Opponents have rushed for 1,481 yards on the Titans defense.
    * Opponents average 4.7 yards per rushing atttempt on the Titans.
    * Opponents average 148 yards per game rushing against the Titans.
    * Opponents have enjoyed 12 runs of 20 yards or longer on the Titans defense.

    In summary, Adam Jones is getting better, but he is no Lester Hayes, Bobby Layne, Mike Haynes, or Rod Woodson. He is going to get better, but how much better remains to be seen. He is still blowing coverages and not communicating with his team mates too much to be cosidered a great corner or lock-down corner. A lot of the stats shown earlier can be contributed to opposing teams running the ball down the throats of the Titans. The Titans opponents have little trouble moving the ball through ther air or over the ground on our defense, which means that there is little of blame to be shared by alll on our defense.
  7. eberry

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    I'm not trying to make the point that he's one of the better corners, not me. All I was saying was that there seemed to be people here and other places that think he is a total bust as a corner, and I said to myself, since he is the #1 cb on the team, and I just figure that means he's predominately matched up on the best opposing receiver [and would certainly be blamed if TO, Marv, Mase, Moss, etc. racked up big days], I thought I'd see what those numbers were.

    I'm not putting him where he doesn't belong, I'm asking whether people really think he sucks in coverage (see the "he doesn't have any picks so he sucks" thread). It's not like he's tearing up the world, but put it this way, these guys are studs who were all beneath their fantasy averages when playing us (and if he can't take any credit, then who does? Lamont? Finnegan? Hope? Hill?)
  8. FLTitansfan

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    he didnt even play at m.jones that was the worst 1st round pick in the decade Woolfolk, i was at that game in j-ville and he stunk up the joint, thank god finnegan is stepping up.
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