Are we overestimating our RB need?

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by SawdustMan, Apr 25, 2014.

  1. ImATitan

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    ^ I'm a big Charles Sims fan myself.

    I think we definitely need a RB, but not having a 3rd round pick makes it difficult. I think we go defense round 1, QB round 2, RB round 4.

    Doubt Mason, Sankey, Hyde or Hill are there in the 4th. Let's pray for Sims or Freeman.
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  2. JR1980

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    I'd be fine with Sims
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  3. Thefreak

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    Isaiah Crowell, Andre Williams, Storm Johnson, Antonio Andrews are all late round guys that I would rather take than spending a 2nd on anyone from this class. If any of these guys are there in the 5-7th rounds they would be great pickups.

    I think we have too many holes to be drafting a RB in the 2nd.
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  4. RollTide

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    We have no need at Rb and if we do they f*cked up by paying a RB $4M a year who can't meet our needs. CJ signed for the Jets for the same amount.

    We can go without drafting a single back, Greene has been over 1000 yards 2X and McCluster does what Greene can't.

    Dumbest thing in the world to sign Greene and then sign McCluster the next year and still have t use a high draft ick on a back.

    RBs don't need time to develop so we don't need to make a long term investment there.

    Greene has more validation as a feature back than Locker has as a franchise QB so let's draft a RB and ignore the QB position. Insane!
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  5. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    Greene is alright but he's not a primary guy.
    Battle is horrible.
    McCluster isn't really a RB.

    If this is going to be a rebuild or transition year then we can get by with this group for a year but if we're actually going to try and make the playoffs (we are) we need to add another RB. The position is pretty deep but if we decide to go RB in the 2nd we probably get our pick from the group.
  6. 2ToneBlue

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    Titan's won't be very good anyways, no use in getting a RB who can only play 5-6 years. Other pieces are needed. Our RB squad right now is not good at all, not even a little, but it won't matter much with the rest of the talent on the roster.

    I'd rather not draft any RB in the top 3 picks, or maybe even through the first 5. Plenty of other needs other than running the ball. Running backs are so low in value right now teams can wait.
  7. JR1980

    JR1980 Starter

    They need a RB. Trust me on that one...If Green goes down, they have nobody...Battle will be cut, and that leaves Dexter who is a Woodhead type receiving RB. They are going to get someone that can be a 3 down back. I am fine with that, just hope that it is round 4 or later. Unless they get a 3rd round pick back. We do need an every down type back with young legs though, if you think otherwise, that is crazy.
  8. The Hammer

    The Hammer Leper Messiah

    Well we did upgrade the RB position significantly by signing McCluster. Of course according to some jackass at rotoworld we have the worst roster in the NFL so who knows.
  9. 2ToneBlue

    2ToneBlue Starter

    How do you figure we've "significantly" upgraded the position with his signing?

    McCluster has 75 yards rushing in the last 2 years. His longest run of his career is 32 yards on 152 carries... Hardly a game breaking huge upgrade from anyone on our roster.

    Heck, Jackie Battle ripped off a run for more than that just last year (37 yds). That was not behind the Chief's line either...
  10. The Hammer

    The Hammer Leper Messiah

    He does not get a lot of handoffs because of Jamal Charles. He is at least as good as CJ (3.9 ypc) running the ball and much much better receiving.
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