are we building Vince's trade value?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by ONUV, Nov 8, 2009.

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  1. Gunny

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    It's not win-win. You get a QB controversy the moment the starter doesn't do well, you waste a pick on someone on the bench with no value.

    May as well get a veteren.
  2. Gut

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    So if you're convinced VY is our future starting QB, you're gonna pay him big money with a new contract (though not $14mil big) AND spend our first round pick and more big money on a franchise QB we won't even play? That doesn't make sense.

    If you have VY as a stop-gap qb, there's no point in keeping him unless he's willing to take a cheap contract...but what message are you sending him if you then draft his replacement?

    Cap-wise - it doesn't make sense as we could sign a premier player at another position who would be starting as opposed to spending - say - 8mil on VY. And you wouldn't want to spend a 1st rnd pick on a player you might not need but would be untradeable for 2-4 years while locking up a significant chunk of our cap.

    By years end, either VY is or is not your desired starter next season. If he is, you see if you can re-sign him for the money you want. If you do, bye bye Collins and we have our QB...use the money saved to sign a backup (Ramsey?) and our first rnd pick on a position of need or the best player who can upgrade our position (or trade down and recapture a 2nd round pick). Either get a premo player or value for the pick.

    If VY is NOT gonna be our starter, you keep Collins for next year as the probably starter and draft a QB in rnd 1 and let him get groomed for a year unless he can beat Collins out.

    Either way, we need to add some weapons on D (pass rush, LB, CB, S?) and reload the OL and get a dangerous return man.

    They need to spend to the cap!

  3. GLinks

    GLinks Second Gear

    Yeah, I do NOT advocate drafting a QB in one. MAYbe a developmental guy later in the draft, but probably not. This isn't really the draft for QBs, not like the last two years have been.

    Vince and a vet is the way I'd go. He will likely restructure IMO, because he has two years (one and an option) that he knows he doesn't deserve. He can get some security and a couple of added "real" years by restructuring his current deal, and have a nice signing bonus to boot. I think this is the way it will play out.

    As far as Fisher, or other coaches, as bigtitan referred to, as TBC stated, we've seen Fisher can't stop the change when the owner makes his decision, so Fisher's opinion for next season should be equally moot. Likewise, any new coach that might come in will do so with the caveat "support and develop Vince Young, and mold the offense to him." No newb coach is going to be allowed to come in and dictate that with the obvious way this season has been about "play or do not play Vince Young."

    We need a stud defensive player in round one next year. Not a quarterback.

    As far as Fisher's contract goes, I really believe more than one team would offer Bud to buy out that contract. Early candidates in my mind would be: Dallas, Chicago, Washington and then possibly Seattle (they might let Jeff have all the power over there, but not sure how they feel about Mora, Jr. right now).

    I've been ridiculed for this notion before, but I really feel the more success Vince has, the stronger a replacement candidate Heimerdinger becomes for Fisher should he be let go. Say what you want about offensive playcalling, but IMO, it's the perception from which Dinger will benefit by fostering a good relationship, at least in public, with Vince Young.
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  4. iQon

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    Based on the fact Bud Adams loves him, he was going to be on the roster next year, regardless.

    He may still have to negotiate some kind of pay cut, though. All about his production over these last 10 games.
  5. mwhjr1988

    mwhjr1988 Practice Squad

    VY will be playing for the titans next year. He may not put up the best stats but he does win games. Games won>qb stats
    Look at how long it took McNair to become a great qb. VY brings so much more explosiveness to the titans offense.

    VY looks much more mature in the pocket and has been pretty accurate on majority of his throws especially his deep ball. His decision making has been great thus far, much better than KC... I would hate to see him go because he has potential. The titans offense looks a lot better with him at qb.
  6. BudAdams

    BudAdams SayHelloToMyLittleFriends

    I would say, yes, Vince's trade value is building...but i'm pretty sure we aren't scheming to build it.
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