Are the Titans done with the free agent market now?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titanjay, Mar 16, 2006.

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  1. royhobbs

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    If we are really going to bring in Law for a visit, he's going to sign...we're 4 for 4 (forget Bentley and Greisen) so far. Reese must be the best sweet talking son of a gun.....if we want to win now because Bud is on his last leg, then we really need to get Vinetiari...a clutch veteran K. Even in our heyday, we won a lot of close games thanks to Gary Anderson and Al Del Greco.
  2. Not sure because I haven't seen any terms on Chris Hope's contract. But I'm guessing we are right at about the cap (give or take) if you count in the rookie cap and McNair's $1M bonus.

    There's still a lot of flexibility left in that, though. If they just extend McNair, it could free up a ton. Or they could renegotiate with Bulluck. Or cut Wade and Nickey.
  3. Gunny

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    :yell: :duckrun: Word of advice, don't mention that name.

    Just call him the Nameless One.
  4. Bobo

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    So maybe there's a chance of signing someone like Greisen or Bently (if either are worth it). The Ty Law rumor sounds a little odd since I thought we'd have to give him a big pay day like the Jets did last least I seem to remember him getting a big pay day.
  5. Gunny

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    I say he got a 1 year deal.
  6. TitanJeff

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    The one whose name is not mentioned.
  7. Gunny fought the Law. Who will win?
  8. Gunny

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    no contest.
  9. GLinks

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    I think they'd like to sign Griesen or Bentley (probably Griesen from what I'm hearing) if Sirmon still wants released after "the talk." Word around New York is he can play, and I believe has had more pt than Bentley at Seattle. He should be rather inexpensive, compared to the others we've signed, especially when you take into consideration he's going to be off the field in the nickle package. I think they're just waiting on Sirmon to get back. Personally, if Griesen especially is the guy, I'm for saving the money. I'm getting the "buyer's remorse" feeling for spending so much money already.
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