Are The Titans Content With Mediocrity?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Nov 2, 2011.

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  1. TitanJeff

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    Though I think some bet higher due to the odds. :greedy:
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    Mediocrity is the basis of the NFL.
    Average wins per season:
    Bill Cowher 9.93
    Andy Reid 9.46
    Jeff Fisher w/Titans 9.16
    Tom Couglin w/Giants 9.0, w/Jags 8.5
    Jon Gruden 8.63

    I left out Dungy and Belichick because when you have 2 of the top 5 QBs to ever play the game it skews the numbers.
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  4. ImATitan

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    Yes, and in regards to yesterday's game..

    Horrific effort all around. It starts at the top. The Colts are still an NFL team. When your preparation (gameplan), play calling, execution, personnel decisions, etc is that bad - you'll lose every week, no matter who you're playing.

    I don't know what the gameplan was, to run the ball for no gains or have Hasselbeck toss 3 yard passes all day? 90% of the passing plays were BAD. That falls on the play calling too.

    In terms of personnel, this falls flat on Munchak. Did anyone else see the first play of the game where Hasselbeck handed it off and came out limping? It's clear he wasn't healthy at all and yet was forced out there. He wasn't able to plant his feet on any throws.

    The only way this decision makes sense (to force an unhealthy Hasselbeck to start) is if you're back up QB is awful; in our case, he's the future of our franchise, a guy who has looked great in glimpses this season, our first round, eight overall pick.

    If Locker started like he should have (not because Hasselbeck is playing poorly, but because he's injured - big difference), I have no doubt we would have won this game.

    Locker was great when he came in - go ahead and say it was because the D was playing prevent, but they were also playing prevent when Hasselbeck tossed his second INT - Locker dinked the Colts D up the field 10 yards at a time and got a crucial score when we needed one; when we needed that from Hasselbeck, he forced it deep into the end zone right into a waiting LB's hands.

    Locker came in and got a TD immediately; something Hasselbeck couldn't do in 3.5 quarters vs again, a winless team!

    I feel like we're content with mediocrity and that bothers the heck out of me.

    I legit believe only the Tennessee Titans would find themselves in this situation - coming into week 15 in a playoff hunt, have a great chance to make the playoffs (we'd be the 6th seed right now if we won) and lose to a winless team.

    Absolutely disgusting.
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    Content with mediocrity? I'd say no. Do they know how to be anything other than mediocre? No.
  6. GoT

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    my gut is Hasselbeck assured MM that everything was a go on his end.

    MM should have benched him early. I did notice 'the Rifle' was dressed sunday. Have not seen the inactives but would be interesting too know who they were.

    Regardless it was obvious Hasselbeck was not close too 100% and it did affect the gameplan.
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    Lol, Fisher averages 8.35 wins. How pathetic you pick and choose your stats.
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    Can't believe I didn't bet on that...
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    Same here, I dont even remember the thread.....
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