Are the Titans an elite team?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by RavensShallBurn, Oct 28, 2010.

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  1. Childress79

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    A win vs the Chargers will pretty much bury their play off chances.

    I like the idea a lot that we win here and probably avoid having to face them again.

    We're not elite but could beat anyone right now. Who knows if that'll be the case in another 8-9 weeks time though.
  2. Finnebosch

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    This is a major game mostly due to the fact that this may be the last time we get a chance to see our team play against an elite 3-4 team until the playoffs. Vince's game drops off significantly when he faces 3-4 team and after our bye we only have the Chiefs and Phins that play 3-4.

    Not to mention that this game DOES have playoff implications being that a loss would out the Titans at 2-3 in conference play. We would basically have to win the division after that in order to grab the 3rd seed. So this could be considered the second most important game of our season to date.

    Also if we didn't beat the Giants then we choked against the Steelers and that loss should be retracted from our record.
  3. Tight Uns

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    Elite teams do not have "moral" victories
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  4. ColtKiller

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    Do you even read the posts I make or do you just try to find someone who disagrees with you about a single issue and attack everything they say? Chump. I'm not Gloat, I don't think Fisher is on the pathetic level of your Del Rios and your Wade Phillips. I just think his tired old methods and stubborn antics when it comes to player evaluation and who gets playing time are costing our team quite a bit at times. Jared Cook could very well be one of the most naturally athletic people in the NFL, and he hasn't started a single game. Craig Stevens is ahead of him on the depth chart. That is absolutely ridiculous. Kenny Britt is YET to line up as our #1 wide receiver, even though he is clearly the best guy we have on our team. I know you think 'o well if the coach says it right, it must be right'. I think that's a silly way to look at any situation. I know what I see and I have my own opinion, I don't need to ride Jeff Fishers jock just because he's the coach of my favorite team.

    How about trying to take an objective point of view if you want to disagree with something I have to say instead of just bashing every post without any sort of rational argument.
  5. ColtKiller

    ColtKiller Starter

    That's not necessarily true. Do you think the Giants would have won against the Patriots in 07 had they not played them so well just four weeks earlier in week 17? I don't. They didn't win, but they definitely had to confidence to say 'hey, we can hang with these guys' after barely losing that game. Then they came out and beat them on the biggest stage....shocking the world.
  6. Fry

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  7. RavensShallBurn

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    The Giants weren't an elite team though. Sure, they won it all, but it was a fluke. Brett Favre said "Hey, here's the NFC Championship. It's yours."

    The Pats choked more than anything... they scored 14 points after averaging 37 ppg during the regular season.

    I'm not dogging the Giants. They deserved to win. It was destiny. That escape by Eli followed by the amazing pass to Tyree was simply miraculous. You can't lose after that. I'm so glad they won, but the Pats were a far better team.

    Moral wins do nothing for an elite team. Elite teams win and that's all they know how to do. Coming close or playing well isn't enough if you don't get the W.
  8. CRUDS

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    If that team wasn't elite then you can't say the current Titans are. Simple as that. New topic.
  9. ColtKiller

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    I do agree with one thing in that article... 'Its a lot like Kenny Britt'. Certainly seems that way to me: potentially deadly weapon riding pine because our team is ran by idiots. Who cares if the dude can block? Can Antonio Gates block? Does that mean he'd be riding the pine on our team? The dude is an offensive weapon, not a blocker. Bo Scaife is a 'proven commodity' because they allowed him to play. Well guess what...Bo Scaife isn't that damn good. He's not very fast, doesn't have great hands, drops the ball when he gets hit... etc. He's just the only TE that our coaches will put out there who has some competence when it comes to catching the ball.

    Jeff Fisher still thinks the TE is another offensive tackle...hasn't caught onto the fact that they can be utilized in the passing game for major a offensive upgrade. After all, it was only 30 years ago when Kellyn Winslow emerged as the first beast mode ball catching TE. Who would really expect Fish to catch on that quickly?
  10. RavensShallBurn

    RavensShallBurn Ruck the Favens

    Never said we were. Just said I liked getting some praise for once.

    My definition of "elite" is different from the guys at NFL Network. The Pats were an elite team for a majority of the last decade. The Steelers have been elite since 2006.

    You've got to win multiple Super Bowls to start to be considered elite. I consider our team top 5 so far.

    The Saints won last year, but they suck this year They're not elite. They'll be 4-4 after Sunday Night's game and will probably miss the playoffs, but it's the NFC so who knows.
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