Are the Giants better than the Titans?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by dontdraftcutler, Nov 17, 2008.

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  1. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    It's just the same to me if everyone on espn, nfl network, cbs, fox and nbc were unanimous that the Giants are a superior team. They can crown 'em for all I care. Hype those Giants... Primetime may be on our bandwagon but I really don't need him on it either. I think we all know that this team is better when the media is glowing all over some other team that runs a sexier offense or puts up crazy points. Let 'em talk. I bet a majority of those reading my post prefer the Titans under the radar... and that's a hard place to be when the the team is 10-0.
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  2. cajuntitan

    cajuntitan 26.2ers can do it for hrs

    I really don't understand why people keep talking about the NFC being the toughest division. Early in the year it looked like it would be but the Cowboys are inconsistent, the Skins who knows, and the Eagles haven't impressed anyone. Not to mention they get to beat up on the Rams and the 49ers this year. But I think the most telling thing is the fact that the 1 - 8 Bengals have played two of them to overtime!

    I think the Giants won the Superbowl last year because they really believed they could win. They came close to beating the Patriots in week 17 and I think the Patriots just went in to the Superbowl believing that the win was a forgone conclustion. I think the Giants matched up well to the Patriots. I'm not saying that if we met in the SB that they wouldn't beat us but I think IMO everyone needs to get past this NFC East is the toughest division stuff. I don't know that any division sticks out as the dominate division at this point.

    Last year people were talking about the AFC South. Three teams went to the playoffs from our division. None of them made it to the SB.
  3. LT21Titans27

    LT21Titans27 Tebow Apostle

    Giants are better, dont use the fact that we have a better record either, cuz Ill link you to the stats from last years Super Bowl, when the undefeated Pats played them, and lost
  4. JMB54

    JMB54 Waitin on a Win!

    Jay said it best, who cares. I, like him, would rather stay under the radar and if we are the best team we will find out in the superbowl.
  5. Amishboy

    Amishboy Camp Fodder

    The NFC is still the weaker conference. We should have beat Collins and the Giants that year in the super bowl not the Ravens. That is just one more thing pointing to our destiny. Eddie George was on the cover of Madden that year and was a big part in us loosing that game and giving the Championship to the Ravens. Vince is on the cover this year but we benched him for Collins. Collins and the Titans will win the super bowl this year.
  6. CRUDS

    CRUDS Go Team! Staff

    We just need to insert Albert on offense for a couple of TD runs and have a new Titan's Shuffle rap tune and the world will love us....
  7. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    under absolutely no circumstance shall there be a song until AFTER the Super Bowl!!!
  8. MJTitans

    MJTitans Chris Whitley look him up Tip Jar Donor

    Ahh... we've overlooked the most important factor - who's a better dancer? Lendale or Jacobs? SEC's avatar is Exhibit A. 'Nuff said. Titans win.
  9. KamikaZ

    KamikaZ Ex-Hall of Famer

    Here's how I break it down, with a +1-5 scale, 1 being a minor advantage, 5 being a major.

    1. QB Play: Titans +1
    2. RB Play: Giants +2
    3. Offensive-Line Play: Giants +1
    4. Wide-Out Play: Giants +3
    5. Defensive-Line Play (w/ KVB): Titans +1
    4. Linebackers Play: Titans +2
    5. Secondary Play: Titans +1
    6. Special Teams Play: Titans +1

    They're evenly matched on paper. Titans run the ball well, Giants run the ball a bit better. They play very well on defense, Titans play better on defense overall (sorry, YPG takes a back-set for PPG). The one thing is that they haven't shown the consistency the Titans have, in terms of being able to constantly get wins when the team plays poorly in certain areas. A lose Cleveland, and a near loss to Cincy, is a head-scratcher. However, they appear big in big games, which is worrisome if the Titans had to meet them in the Super-Bowl. However, the Titans have played some tough teams, and would probably treat the Giants the same way: take their best shots early, regroup, and pin their ears back in the second half.

    Predicted Score: Giants - 24 Titans - 30
  10. Childress79

    Childress79 Loungefly ® Tip Jar Donor

    I haven't seen a Giants game this year so I don't really know.

    I do know that last season they were awful until mid November & then kept finding a way to win.Most people wanted them to beat the Pats but in the SB but few actualy believed it with any confidence.

    We're not under the radar but I like it that people don't think we're as good as our record.
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