Are Chow and Vince a good fit for each other?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by PrimeTyme, Nov 12, 2007.

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  1. Look at the First Drive!

    Tennessee Titans at 15:00
    1-J.Carney kicks 65 yards from JAC 30 to TEN 5. 42-C.Henry to TEN 20 for 15 yards (59-B.Iwuh; 42-C.Nkang).
    1-10-TEN 20 (14:54) 25-L.White left guard to TEN 24 for 4 yards (97-R.Hayward).
    2-6-TEN 24 (14:21) 25-L.White left tackle to TEN 25 for 1 yard (98-J.Henderson, 54-M.Peterson).
    3-5-TEN 25 (13:45) (Shotgun) 10-V.Young pass short middle to 12-J.Gage to TEN 30 for 5 yards (21-T.Cousin, 54-M.Peterson).
    1-10-TEN 30 (13:07) 10-V.Young scrambles right end to TEN 35 for 5 yards (98-J.Henderson, 54-M.Peterson).
    2-5-TEN 35 (12:25) 10-V.Young pass short left to 81-B.Jones pushed ob at TEN 44 for 9 yards (21-T.Cousin).
    1-10-TEN 44 (11:59) (Shotgun) 25-L.White right tackle to TEN 46 for 2 yards (95-P.Spicer).
    2-8-TEN 46 (11:22) 25-L.White right end to TEN 42 for -4 yards (95-P.Spicer).
    3-12-TEN 42 (10:40) (Shotgun) PENALTY on TEN-81-B.Jones, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at TEN 42 - No Play.
    3-17-TEN 37 (10:19) (Shotgun) 10-V.Young scrambles up the middle to 50 for 13 yards (21-T.Cousin, 52-D.Smith).
    4-4- (9:41) (Punt formation) 15-C.Hentrich punts 50 yards to end zone, Center-40-J.Cain, Touchback.

    The first two times we ran it got us into 3rd and short. Which helped Vy convert them into those short slant routes. Then we do the same thing later the drive and the defense is ready and they stop Lendale white and force Vy to throw the ball 13 yards on 3rd down. That can't cut it.

    Look at the Jags first drive! They know how to help a young Qb like Quinn unlike Chow.

    1-10-JAC 20 (9:31) 28-F.Taylor right tackle to JAC 20 for no gain (52-R.Fowler, 98-A.Odom).
    2-10-JAC 20 (8:58) 28-F.Taylor left tackle to JAC 20 for no gain (90-R.Starks).
    3-10-JAC 20 (8:18) (Shotgun) 5-Q.Gray pass short right to 32-M.Jones-Drew to JAC 30 for 10 yards (53-K.Bulluck, 90-R.Starks).

    1-10-JAC 30 (7:35) 5-Q.Gray pass short right to 11-R.Williams ran ob at JAC 43 for 13 yards.
    1-10-JAC 43 (7:13) 28-F.Taylor up the middle to TEN 42 for 15 yards (24-C.Hope, 31-C.Finnegan).
    1-10-TEN 42 (6:28) 5-Q.Gray pass incomplete short left to 32-M.Jones-Drew.
    2-10-TEN 42 (6:25) 5-Q.Gray pass short right to 87-G.Wrighster to TEN 38 for 4 yards (24-C.Hope).
    3-6-TEN 38 (5:38) (Shotgun) 32-M.Jones-Drew up the middle to TEN 33 for 5 yards (53-K.Bulluck, 93-K.Vanden Bosch).
    4-1-TEN 33 (4:50) 32-M.Jones-Drew left guard to TEN 24 for 9 yards (31-C.Finnegan).
    1-10-TEN 24 (4:17) 28-F.Taylor left guard to TEN 22 for 2 yards (77-S.Conover, 50-D.Thornton).
    2-8-TEN 22 (3:37) 5-Q.Gray pass short middle to 19-E.Wilford to TEN 9 for 13 yards (33-M.Griffin).
    1-9-TEN 9 (2:56) PENALTY on TEN-97-T.Brown, Encroachment, 5 yards, enforced at TEN 9 - No Play.
    1-4-TEN 4 (2:41) 33-G.Jones up the middle to TEN 2 for 2 yards (93-K.Vanden Bosch).
    2-2-TEN 2 (2:06) 5-Q.Gray pass short left to 33-G.Jones for 2 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
    1-J.Carney extra point is GOOD, Center-88-J.Zelenka, Holder-3-A.Podlesh.

    The Jags played the same game we did. Run Run Pass. They got into a hole the first drive when they went to 3rd and long but they didn't try to press the ball into coverage you know what they did to get a first a SCREEN to MJD and it worked. Then Gray would come out and throw the ball 2 times in a row on 1st and 2nd though they were incomplete they did slants and got 4th and short and made their 4th down conversations. That helps a young Qb. That kept the drive alive. Even though it was 3rd and 10 they ran the ball to get into a shorter distance and go for it on 4th down.

    Couple of more Drives....

    25-L.White up the middle to TEN 32 for 6 yards (54-M.Peterson, 98-J.Henderson).
    2-4-TEN 32 (9:10) 42-C.Henry up the middle to TEN 32 for no gain (26-S.Knight, 97-R.Hayward).

    3-4-TEN 32 (8:32) (Shotgun) 10-V.Young pass short left intended for 86-R.Williams INTERCEPTED by 54-M.Peterson (29-B.Williams) at TEN 38. 54-M.Peterson to TEN 26 for 12 yards (42-C.Henry).
    Jacksonville Jaguars at 08:23
  2. Psychop1

    Psychop1 Big Tee Tip Jar Donor

    You know, before New England had all this offensive firepower that they have now, they more than got by using the screen as a buffer for the passing and running game. When we use the screen, it is almost always effective, yet we rarely ever use the screen. When you have below average WR's, and especially a learning QB, the screen is practically a must. Why can't Chow recognize this??? Not one season, not one frickin' season, have I been oohed, let alone awed by Chow's play calling. Heimerdinger has experience with QB's like Young, because he brought McNair to the top of his game. Heimerdinger need a job???
  3. LT21Titans27

    LT21Titans27 Tebow Apostle

    His rookie year, I liked what Chow did, but it seems this year they took a different approach, I think the end of this year and next year will be the measuring stick for their chemistry
  4. Norm Chow and Fisher are killing VY. Give VY those screens and no-huddle offense once in a while. Don't do those things when your down by 18 points, do it when your up. Act like your down a score. Play the no-huddle, see what it does to VY and his confidence. Why does Norm do that when we are down????? Why can't you do it when your infront or when you need touchdowns. Where are the screens to get those 10 to 12 yards. Quick hitch routes, quick slants, STOP doing GO-routes and 15 yard hook plays. I hate to compare basketball to football, but do what the Suns do. Get rid of the ball in 7 seconds or less. That is quick patterns, screens anything. Mix in the no-huddle. The titans problem is that the play football like they are up 30 points rather then play like thier down 30 points.
  5. Titanpride

    Titanpride Insider

    The problem with the Slants, quick slants, ect... Young can't make that throw. He either throws behind the receiver or at their feet. As far as the screen or quick hitch... Young over throws those routes on a consistent basis.
  6. PrimeTyme

    PrimeTyme Guest

    I completely agree with this. I also feel the same way about the play action pass. As much as we try and punch it up the gut it wouldn't hurt to try this every once in a while. everyone would probably bite on it as much as we run right into 15 man pile ups. You wouldn't even know play action was made up yet watching our O.
  7. Psychop1

    Psychop1 Big Tee Tip Jar Donor

    Play action pass??? Double bootleg is where it's at. :ha:
  8. Psychop1

    Psychop1 Big Tee Tip Jar Donor

    Agreed about Young throwing behind the receiver on slants, which is dangerous, but I can't think of a single screen play that we tried this season where Young over-threw. I can't think of a single screen that didn't gain decent yardage.
  9. Riverman

    Riverman That may be.... Tip Jar Donor

    I don't think Chow ever coached/develop a "VY-like" QB. Rivers/Palmer/Leinart etc were pocket QB's with strong brains and arms whose legs were just there to help them take a level snap. I don't think Chow knows how to work a QB like Vince. That's why VY was lower on his (and Fisher's) list during the draft.

    Stop blaming Fisher's scheme. You have a QB with 4 TD's and 10(?) INTS. Who in their right mind would turn VY loose to pass at will- or expose him to injury by leting him run crazy. Fisher is the same guy that allowed Steve to "tuck and run" late in the 99, 02 and 03 seasons when the play-offs were on the line. I imagine he will do the same with Vince.
  10. Smash

    Smash Soccer God

    I'd like to see some more hurry up/no huddle spread offense. Vince is playing his best when under pressure behind in the 4Q. Changing the pace could be a way to be more productive.

    Also some some goal line stands with 3 TE and Troupe getting 1-on-1 with a CB. They say he's the best b-ball player, lets try to utilize him.
    He actually got a tackle on ST against the Fags.
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