Are Chow and Vince a good fit for each other?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by PrimeTyme, Nov 12, 2007.

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  1. PAtitansfan53

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    We need an offensive overload this offseason. OC should be at the top of the list. I want an OC to bring the spread offense to the NFL. VY excelled in it at Texas so why not. Then Draft a WR, O-Lineman, TE, and a RB to team up with C-Hen. Or some top FA's would work.
  2. DJB

    DJB Starter


    This is what I think also. Chow could do so much more with VY if he wasn't limited by Fisher ball. Thats my one criticism of Fisher. He believes there is only one way to be a winning offense and that is the only way the Titans are ever going to play
  3. Blame Norm Chow and Fisher NOT VY

    Please people if you blame VY for losing games then you need your head checked for bumps. VY can't do everything by himself. Blame all this on chow and fisher. If norm chow and fisher stop playing run run pass game then maybe teams wouldn't know everything we are gonna do. Why didn't norm chow spread them out like he did the Jags the first game?? 4 wide outs out of the shot gun and let Vince hand the ball of or keep it and run with it. Fisher needs to be slapped for playing such pansy football. We have a freaking fast Chris Henry and we never do any screens to get Vy into a rhythm. Look at Tom Brady they throw like 3 screens in a row and then open it up down the field. Get teams off balance. Norm Chow and Fisher haven't gotten any team off balance this year. Not once. Fisher was out-smarted Sunday.

    VY if they would let him DO WHAT HE DOES. And stop trying to make him throw the ball like he is Tom Brady or something. We barely run screens, we barely do any misdrection runs, we barely do any trick plays, we barely do any anything but RUN RUN PASS. I never will blame VY because he is being coached by guys who are scared to do anything but Fisher Ball. Not one Qb in this league would be any good if his coaches kept calling runs up the middle for no gain and put pressure on the Qb to convert 3rd and 11, 3rd and 12. Not one. Just part ways with Norm Chow. Even I know what the Titans are gonna do RUN!!!!!!!!!!! Just stop bashing VY, not his fault. Not his fault he doesn't have coaches that keep him from using his talent.
  4. Jwill1919

    Jwill1919 Coach

    For all you guys that want the Titans and Vince to go back into the spread option like at UT, this isn't college, but I wouldn't mind...because then it will force Vince to become a QB just like taking all those hits forced McNair to understand the passing game. He didn't want to be injured every day of his life, his body shows the wear greatly now.

    No, Vince and Chow are not a good fit, Chow is a QB developer and a passing game nerd; Vince is pure athlete who will never fit/learn a system, because he has gotten by using his athletic ability to run around. He never developed the pure mentality of a QB in the college game and I don't see him doing it in the Pro game, but he is a winner, I just don't think that is enough to play QB in this league. Much like Reggie Bush, there is a huge difference in the speed of the NFL game and it is affecting these two players the most because their games were predicated on being in space against defenders, not being squeezed.
  5. Jwill1919

    Jwill1919 Coach

    I feel sorry for Norm Chow, he deserves better than to be handcuffed by Fisher. But it's his bed, he must lie in it.

    I didn't hear anybody complaining when we were rushing for 170 yds a week and winning! and Vince was doing the same thing, but now that we lost, it's all so obvious what the problems are, how come nobody can see these problems when we win....compacency?
  6. Jwill1919

    Jwill1919 Coach

    Maybe this IS what VY does? Maybe he is just innacurrate, can't read defenses and can't play the game unless he is in spread formation ready for the spread option.

  7. PrimeTyme

    PrimeTyme Guest

    I'm with you. Every week I think alright we've got to see something different this week. We're bound to get something going. Then I see the same thing I've seen every week seemingly without even an attempt to make any adjustments. You would think high school coaches put our offensive gameplan together. All this makes me wish Chow would have got that job at Arizona. Maybe someone will pick him up this year.
  8. To much blame goes on to VY. Too much. This is where you gotta learn something. We were moving the ball well on our first drive. Vy threw the ball well we were at mid-field and then what happens....... FISHER BALL. We get a first down then here it is...
    1st down.... run for no gain
    2nd for no gain
    3rd down and LONG. No converstion and we have to punt the ball.

    This is where the play calling comes in. We never once threw a quick slant. Never. At least if it works out you will get a least 3 to 5 yards on that play. But I hardly see that happen. No screen passes. When is the last time we threw a screen on a first down? Screens Work. Chris Henry is fast he got 2 first downs on screens. We are always in 3rd and long and the defense knows your gonna pass. Vy has a spy so nothing will work. The defense knows your gonna pass on 3rd and 11. So, Chow never calls a screen on 3rd down. He forces VY to make a 30 yarder pass for a first down and it never happens because the defense is expecting a pass. They play back.

    Why not throw a screen or a quick slant in once a while or some other kind of play then a run. The defense stacks the line, threw a freaking screen pass. How many times were we in 3rd and long on Sunday? Plays not players. VY is not convert many 3rd and 12s everytime.
  9. Soxcat

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    I agree the two runs and then pass mentality doesn't make sense unless you can line up like Nebraska in the 80s and pound the ball down peoples throats. Against weak run defenses we have had some success.

    However, look at the last game. The total RB runs form scrimmage was 11. VY passed the ball 41 times. Not that it was a bad thing by itself but what bothers me is not making some attempt to balance the attack even when we are having more success against the run so when we do have to pass VY doesn't look like he is doing it for the first time. I also agree that we need more screens to guys like Henry. Also, where are the draw plays. Before Chow came on board draw plays used to be a bread and butter play with Chris Brown. Seems like Henry could fair well on those as well.

    I also agree we should take advantage of slants, outs, curls and other pass plays that are easier for VY to read and throw. Heck, Manning was playing last night with WRs no better than what we had but he was able to take what the defense was giving him and ended up putting his team into position to win despite a meltdown game. All in all I agree, we need to have more balance, we need to let VY make easy to read and simple timing routes throws where he drops, steps and throws and we need to have a bunch of screens, draws and othe plays to keep the RBs involved.
  10. Titanpride

    Titanpride Insider

    When your QB can't throw the ball... Chow's options are limited.
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