Anyone with knowledge of the legal landscape?

Discussion in 'Nashville' started by Brew City, Feb 12, 2018.

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  1. Brew City

    Brew City Case Race Champion

    I’m planning on attending law school next year and have picked Tennessee as a place I would like to move. (From Wisconsin). I’ve applied to both Belmont and U of T. If I don’t get into U of T (it’s a long shot) is Belmont a respected school to attend? I know Vanderbilt is THE school in the area. My question is if I go to Belmont, will it be difficult to get a good job upon graduation? Are firms looking for Vandy graduates or are they open to Belmont graduates as well?

    It’s a bit different here because Marquette is the only school in the area and most lawyers here are Marquette alums. The next closest school is UW Madison, better known as just Wisconsin, which is a better ranked school but is 1 1/2 hours away and draws from all over the state instead of just Milwaukee.

    Any comments would be appreciated.

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  2. 8and8

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    Belmont is a pretty respectable school in the area. I actually looked at getting my MBA there but the $$ was high.

    I should note that I don't really know much about the law school at Belmont though. I'm speaking in general terms.
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  3. Aqutis30

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    Belmont is more know for its music programs but it's well respected. You are correct, Vanderbilt is THE school for law in Tennessee.
  4. World Peace

    World Peace Nephew Gunner

    What kind of law do you plan on practicing?
  5. Brew City

    Brew City Case Race Champion

    Either employment or criminal law. I work in employment law right now as a paralegal, but am really interested in switching to criminal.
  6. 520

    520 2020 GOAT CHAMP from 3-7 to champ

    Bird law is a hot branch right now
  7. CRUDS

    CRUDS Moderator Staff

    Amazon Law...
    You currently have to contact lawyers in the UK. Huge void here.
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