Anyone traveling to New Jersey for Sunday's Game

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Lylistar, Sep 22, 2009.

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    You might hear a few Vince Young jokes, but I think if anything the Jets fans may take pity on you, we have our own high draft pick from last year that isn't working out. The view from the endzone isn't too great, but you are in the stadium which is all that matters. Giants stadium isn't nearly as cool as your stadium, but the sitelines all around are pretty good. The food inside sucks as it is a 30 year old stadium with no real money put into it, so make sure you hook up with a tailgate party ( lol) And if the stadium is half as loud as it was last week you guys are in for a loud day.

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    How bout that, cool. I only know 2 other Titan fans up here, one now stays in Wisconsin and the other stays in jail for manslaughter. Are there Titans fans up in Fairfield?
  3. ryangm2123

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    about as many ray lewis fans as there are in tennessee
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    Hey guys first time posting here! I signed up specifically to see if I could hook up with some titans fans before the game and tailgate, so this thread is a nice surprise. I'll be in section 130 row 38 myself, lone titans fan in my group of four of course :( . Have you guys decided on where to tailgate prior to the game?

    Tailgatejoe, is the parking lot in which you tailgate on the home or visitor side of the stadium?
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    Dude you live right by my gf, shes from lincoln park.; i live right by clifton. You ever head out to Cricket Hill?
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    The Meadowlands are just over an hour away from me & i coulda had tickets but unfortunately i had to hang around the house this wekend so i cant go. Nontheless, i'll be here watching & or listening to the game.

    Jets fans are ok, not nearly as bad as Eagles fans. A Jets loss will humble their fans a bit :) GO TITANS!
  7. Deuce Wayne

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    Does that obnoxious cowboy looking Jets fan still go to their games? If so- I'd give someone Colts/Titans Sunday night tickets if they punched him.


    season tickets if he ends up dead.

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    lol, i have been parking there for around 10 years and i honestly don't know. The thing about the meadowlands which is different from a lot of the other stadiums is it is a huge bowl, on any level you can walk the entire stadium, and there are escalators to every level. So it doesn't really matter where you park or hang, you don't have to worry about going up, down, and across like most of the newer stadiums like yours. The thing you really want is a lot that is easy to get out of and quickest to the turnpike, and lot 16 is definitely the best for that.
  9. Finnerception

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    Joe its $20 to tailgate with you? Ill try to find your trailer if its not raining too hard, if it is ill prob just bring some subs. Im too lazy to look up lot 16 but im pretty sure I know where it is. You wouldnt recomend trying to park on the side by the racetrack with construction right? I went in that way for bamboozle and it was so easy parking.
    Btw any titans fans want to meet up for a little before the game? Ill be in a young jersey(hopefully Finnegan jersey by the time we play the giants next year) and a hoodie
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    I'm gonna try and find you guys at tailgate joe's tailgate but only if I don't have to walk a mile to get to lot 16.

    If not, I may try and seek some of my fellow Titans (TEN, not NY) fans as a lot of us seem to be in sections 129-132.

    I'm in 129, row 35 about seat 10.

    Maybe at halftime we can meet up at the top of section 130/131?

    Have fun, stay dry, stay warm, and LETS GO OILERS!!!!


    PS - I WILL be in my OILERS jacket!!! Maybe KC can channel Warren Moon and our D can channel our 46D days of old!!!
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