Anyone play MMOs?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Alex1939, Feb 9, 2009.

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  1. Alex1939

    Alex1939 Space Invaders Champion Tip Jar Donor

    Massively Multiplayer Online games for PC?

    This genre probably reaches way to far in the "dork" spectrum for most (or maybe all) posters here... and since I haven't seen a thread about it, I'm expecting about a zero response, but figured I'd ask.

    I have a family member that's really into these games, so I've generally seen at least a few minutes of most in the genre.

    I played World of Warcraft around 6 months when it first came out. Had quite a bit of fun, but I admit, it helps if you enjoy the hippie lettuce. Had some nice graphical things in the world. But my real enjoyment came from 5-man, 2-3 hour dungeons. Guess I just enjoyed the working together aspect and the challenge.

    The next game I played for more than 1-week in the genre was City of Villains. This is comic-book setting. I played this game fairly solid for around 4 months. It was super entertaining, and probably the most pure "fun" I've had of any in the genre. Highlights include Character design.. You won't run into another player that looks like you, and there were some really really neat and funny looking characters out there. Also base design. Like our group could design our own base, from room structure, color design, etc. This was used for fighting the enemy as they could "invade" your base and vise versa.

    Recently, the third game in the genre I've spent time playing is Warhammer online. It focus's heavily on open player vs player combat. Had some real fun with massive combat out there, 100 players fighting in a zone type stuff. And the player vs enemy stuff is fairly entertaining as many of them are like 20 vs. some huge monster/boss.

    Anyway, if you've tried and hated games like this, Warhammer is nothing new. If you've ever enjoyed any games like this, and have some extra time on your hands, Warhammer might be worth a shot for kicks.

    For pure fun, City of Heroes/ City of Villains is likely my favorite of the MMO games.

    (All I keep thinking in my head by creating this thread is... "They're all going to laugh at you"-classic Sandler :) )
  2. Alpha-Centuri

    Alpha-Centuri Starter

    World of Warcraft. Had it since day 1 in 2004, but stopped playing when the Burning crusade expansion came out, and picked it back up about 3 months ago with the new expansion. Sad to say, i'm addicted. Got a 80 epic'd out pally that I play on right now. I've never played a game more fun or satisfying... Even shooters (which I love).

    I dont have it installed on my laptop in college so I'm going through withdrawals right now... Like they say its World of Warcrack :greedy:
  3. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Damnit, I cant find my driving moccasins anywhere!

    I know a lot of people addicted to world of warcraft, but I dont think I could get in to it. Isn't it one of those 'send this guy here and watch him do what you told him to' types?
  4. Fry

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  5. titanbuoy

    titanbuoy medium rare ®

    I recently reactivated my City of Heroes/City of Villains account. Great game.
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  6. Alex1939

    Alex1939 Space Invaders Champion Tip Jar Donor

    Hmm.. it is a click the button type game. Nothing unique with how you perform an attack, generally just hit a number key. The strategy would be hitting the right keys against the right opponents.

    If you've never played a game like it, the best I can do to describe it, is the old-style Gauntlet arcade game.

    It's a game I really enjoyed, and then look back and feel some hatred towards it. (funny that a game could do that to me).More than anything, the game is really designed to be a time-sync on a person's life.

    Generally, quests go like this: Kill 10 X, return to quest-giver. Kill monster X, collect 10 drops, return to quest-giver, or take this and travel far to give to another quest-giver.

    Where it got fun for me, was the 20 or so 5-man instances... basically 2-3 hour instances, where you need a variety of classes, and different strategies to defeat various bosses.

    I lost interest when you had to do 40-man instances... because your character goes from having 10-20 abilites you normally use, to 2-3. And winning is based more on the group paying attention and doing what the leader says, than a character actually playing well and using all your skills.

    And all of these games (minus city of heroes and villains where there was no gear) suffers from those players that are "HAXOR look at UBERNESS LOOT I have, you are NOOB"

    Doubt that cleared up much, but it's best I can do to subscribe it. It's more a Player vs. Enemy game than Player vs. Player.

    :yes: :) True True!

    If I can sway you at all, give Warhammer Online a try.

    Quests vary much more, Public Quests are a killer new concept, PvP is infinitely better... both with scenarios and open player vs player.

    Also guilds have many many more functions and perks then they do in warcraft, and guild alliance functions are amazing.

    Also, the game is much more casual friendly. And it's so much quicker to do things. In warcraft, there were times it would take 15 minutes to get where I needed to be to quest. Or worse, an hour or more trying to get a good group for an instance (in the early lower level days).

    In warhammer, this is all reduced to 2-3 minutes. Scenarios pop faster, and open player vs player zones are simple to get to.

    If you like the PvP from warcraft, you almost HAVE to try warhammer... If the PvP isn't as enjoyable, you may not like warhammer near as much.

    My two cents...
  7. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer Tip Jar Donor

    I haven't played WoW either but I can't comprehend how addictive it is meant to be.
  8. Alpha-Centuri

    Alpha-Centuri Starter

    I understand what you mean about the 40 man instances... After a while they became a drag, especially when your in a late night raiding guild like I was. Blizzard came to their senses and abolished it, replacing them with 10 man instances, and their heroic versions (think hard mode) that features 25 man. Makes it a lot more pick-up-group friendly. That was a big selling point in me coming back.

    About warhammer, I saw it, and I might give it a try. I actually liked LOTR online, but not nearly enough to get me away from WoW, and I absolutely love Age of Conan (friend has it).

    Nah gloat, I believe your thinking of the RTS Warcraft series.. Think of it Final Fantasy online or something along the lines of Oblivion's vastness (alot bigger actually) and some of its landscape art
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  9. Yossarian

    Yossarian I am Him.

  10. Alpha-Centuri

    Alpha-Centuri Starter

    I think with her face and body, I'd keep the 5k gold...
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