Anyone happy?

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    Its also just as annoying when they throw common sense and logic out the window because they cant control their emotions. (something everyone does from time to time, including myself)

    We realize we have a bad team too. I have not heard myself, amy, or alex say otherwise.

    Just as an example. See how people have complained about "Munch hiring his buddies"? And how they DONT want to do that? I do wonder if they realize that Munch became the head coach on Feb 6th, then hired Bush (his former teammate and buddy) on Feb 16. So.... Munch doesnt know wtf hes doing when he hires him, and doesnt know wtf hes doing when he fires him lol.

    Oh well, ive covered most of this in another thread, no sense in rehashing it.

    Same exact thing with CJ vs Oline. ITS CJ. NO ITS THE LINE. When in fact, it was BOTH and few people would say that until one, or the other, started improving.
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    Because you are ungrateful because Bud won't hesitate to move the team back to Houston and play in the Astrodome again
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