Anyone else wishing the Titans waited to draft a QB?

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by KelvisKblam, Dec 8, 2011.

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  1. griff33daddy

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    you guys act like luck is tom brady already and will make any team instantly good...if rg3 comes out i dont even think luck will be the best qb in the draft then...and it would be stupid if they are both on the board to trade up to the number one spot with as you said as many bright spots on that team thats been down so often to get 2 top players would be better that getting one and throwing away your whole draft...
  2. RollTide

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    We have the facts now to know that drafting a QB with the 8th pick was the right thing.

    With the 8th pick we had our choice of every QB in this draft save Newton.

    All the top QBs(Gabbert-Locker-Dalton-Ponder) were taken or would have been taken before our 2nd rd pick.

    So why is this an issue for discussion? We had our pick of all those guys and apparently made the right one.

    Had Dalton lasted until our pick in rd 2 you could argue that we could have taken Watt or Kerrigan and still got our QB. Dalton did not last that long. So getting Dalton would have meant trading up which means no 3rd rd pick and no Ayers or Casey.

    We just had one of the best drafts in the recent history of this franchise and somebody is taking issue with the picks?
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  3. Ensconatus

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  4. Soxcat

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    In a purely hypothetical scenario one could always argue we could have traded down from number 8 a few spots, still got Locker or Dalton and then maybe had an extra 2nd and 3rd or something but in that scenario you should always take the guy you want. No way you let the draft dictate what QB you want. You can take chances with other positions but if they really liked Locker they made the right play.
  5. GoT

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    totally agree

    Having said that I am a firm believer of paying too go up and grab a guy you want.

    I cannot recall a time the Titans made a round 1 move up the draft. I remember once where they dropped back excatly 1 slot to take EG, there may have been other times. IIRC Titans dropped back like 3 slots then moved up 2 and netted like a 6th round pick in the EG draft. Been a long time. But it does seems FR was wheelin' & Dealin' with that draft pick
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