Anyone Else getting Preseason Anxioty???

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by DCtitan49, Jul 16, 2007.

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  1. DCtitan49

    DCtitan49 Guest

    Just today i started getting this wierd feeling, it was like i couldnt wait for the Season to start, i get it every offseason but not as strong as this......
    its like i CANT WAIT for the season to start, and my hopes for the titans are rising even higher then i would expect......

    anyone else getting this offseason anxiety??
  2. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Crap the booze out.

    Anxioty with an O, yep. I've got it.
  3. DCtitan49

    DCtitan49 Guest

    Washington better watch out....

    Kerry Collins is ready....

    and Ryan Fowler is ready to knock some heads off....
  4. Tackhead #9

    Tackhead #9 Harder, better, faster, stronger

    I'm always excited before the preseason starts!
    ...Then when it does I recall that I really don't like it and wish the regular season was here. :grrhee:
  5. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

  6. OswegoTitan41

    OswegoTitan41 Starter

    i agree man, i get pumped before every season, but something special about this year. I can't explain it, but there's defintiely somethign special
  7. DCtitan49

    DCtitan49 Guest

    there is no madden curse, there is just

  8. Soxcat

    Soxcat Starter

    What is special is we have so many questions that need to be answered.

    Who are our top 3 WRs going to be and will they be effective?
    Who is going to be our #1 RB and how well will our running game be?
    Can VY continue to build on a spectacular rookie season?
    How is Griffin going to play and where?
    Is Fowler going to make a difference at MLB and on STs?
    Are we going to find players to take over the return game adequately?
    Can our DL step up, stay healthy?
    Will we see more new additions to the VY playbook?
    How will Harper and the other CBs fill Pacman's void?
    Who is going to play CB opposite Harper and who will be our NB?
    Can the OL, especially the young guys continue to improve?
    Will our DC install new wrinkles to the D to put more pressure on the QB?
    What rookies will step up?

    I wouldn't say I am anxious (nervous, concerned, worried, uneasy, apprehensive, fearful or frightened) about the pre-season/season.

    I'm more eager (enthusiastic, impatient, raring to go) because I love the Titans, love football, am tired of waiting and can't wait to see what product we can put on the field this year. This team could have the potential of having a record this year of anywhere between 6-10 and 10-6 IMO and I can't wait for football. I'll be attending more practice sessions this year as well because thankfully they are back in Nashville where they belong.
  9. DCtitan49

    DCtitan49 Guest

    i couldnt tell if you were crying or you actually are anxious for the preseason....

    Alot of those questions every team has...

    all those questions every team has, so dont try to single out the titans....
  10. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    I can't remember when we had so many questions entering a season. It will make watching preseason games interesting.
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