Anybody get madden08?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by stillmatic23, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. stillmatic23

    stillmatic23 Guest

    I went and got madden 08, and i like how the game plays. But!! I dont know what drugs they were smokin on when they did the roster. I started my season and half them guyz that are in as starters a guarantee will not start Lolol. shelton quarles is middle linebacker, is he even on our team??? they got renaldo hill as startin corner, with no finnegan in sight. That roster they got startin for us is garbage. Its early so you cant blame them, but these are the worse projected starters i have seen them pick. And eric moulds is on the jacksonville jaguars, that made me laugh right there.

    Im mad at how ea sports been sayin they got the new truck stick feature when truck stick was in the game for 2 years now, and i think its dumb at how they put icons at the feet of all your playmakers on your team, If you need an icon at the bottom of vince youngs feet to tell you he is a fast qb you dont need to play madden or watch football.
  2. A Fightin'Titan

    A Fightin'Titan Starter

    Hows the play though? I was specifically thinking about the jukes and stiffarms? Is it still one button for jukes and one for stiff arms ...I hate that.I have a ps3 and wasn't too impressed with 07 ........ but will definitely be buying this one today .... looks pretty good
  3. stillmatic23

    stillmatic23 Guest

    Gameplay is good, there are still those corner backs who sit in bad positions and get behinde the cornerback.
  4. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer

  5. He's a scout for Tampa:ha:
  6. titanbuoy

    titanbuoy medium rare ®

    Jay Mohr: "Madden 07 saved my life."

    Okay so he stole Hunter Thompson's schtick and it's more than likely a work of fiction.. but still, it was pretty funny.
  7. TitanJames

    TitanJames Guest

    I like the gameplay....pretty much the exact same as Madden 07 which I really like. I have the PS2 version.

    The rosters are OK. No Eric Moulds or Kelly Herndon. Actually have some of the rookie WR's. I released Quenton Ganther to make room for Moulds and released LB Gardner? to make room for Herndon.
    (Should have more roster space.)
    I use Harper, Hill and Herndon as my top 3 CB due to ratings. M Griffin is a safety which I like with him and Hope.

    Absoulutely CANNOT believe the uniforms are the same as always. No all-dark uniforms or the light blue pants. I did make those on my franchise mode in 07 but of course, with plain helmets.

    Overall, I think it's OK. I think they're doing the PS2 like they did the old playstation in that there's only a few new things and the same graphics and they focused on the PS3, 360 versions more.

    I'd probably rate it as a 7/10.
  8. Sukrillux

    Sukrillux Guest

    I thought that it was interesting how they added in Cortland's picture in the PS2 version, but not the PS3. With the PS3 version, the jukes are only available with the right analog stick. This makes the double juke (fake juke) that the PS2 version allows impossible to perform on the PS3. The create-a-team on the PS3 is greatly improved. However, they only give you about ten different logo "themes" when creating teams. You can pick a primary and an alternate logo... I wish that they would have left in a few logos from the PS2 version and maybe even thrown in some of the alphabet-based logos with some snazzy fonts like in 2k8. There is not a lot of choices in the next gen version. Also, when creating teams, you will end up with 5 #89s on your team... or 4 #68s. What is up with that, EA? Have you ever seen a team allowed to have multiple players wear the same numbers in the regular season? Oh well... you can't have everything. Controls are still a LOT tighter on the Ps2 version. Everything is faster paced and VY can get the ball to Lendale in the flat faster. On the PS3, I still get the sluggish feeling that has plagued every football game for the PS3 so far.

    ps.- on the PS3, Lendale is a BEAST!
  9. DCtitan49

    DCtitan49 Guest

    he was a standout in NFL europa!

  10. Well i got this game at 12 the night it came out and it is absolutely awesome (360 version). It runs very very smooth because of the 60 fps unlike the ps3. It does have Herndon on the roster for this one, but i dont even use him except on kick coverage. I've moved Finnegan to the outside and put Griffin (origanly at CB) at FS who comes at a higher rating than Thompson.
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