Any Word On Chow?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Tungtide, Jan 7, 2007.

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    Chow apparently just interviewed with the Cardinals. Personally, I think it'd be a mistake for Arizona to hire anyone with an offensive background, with the players they've got on offense a decent OC could get them doing well, their defense needs more work, I think Rivera makes a lot more sense.
  3. GLinks

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    Leinart: "Waaaaahhhhhh!!! I want my blankey!"

    I doubt Chow is their first choice, but he could be in the middle somewhere. Depends on how many others say "no" before him before he has to decide.
  4. Sledge

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    Well, the AZ OL is about as bad as the Titans' was prior to the Piller injury / Stewart insertion at RT... Whoever goes to AZ won't fare that much better. Chow said it in the post interview Q&A he is a little wary of the losing situation:
  5. Sledge

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    I agree. While Chow is tempting for them with the obvious Leinart connection, it became apparent this year that Leinart doesn't need Chow to succeed in the NFL. He's surrounded by tons of talent. And yes, Rivera makes way more sense, simply for the new attitude he can bring to their D, which is not that bad on paper but needs someone to make them jell
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