Any VY Fans Anywhere?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitansJonne, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. Broken Record

    Broken Record Biscuit Eater Staff

    I am an unapologetic fan of Vince Young.
  2. 4EverYoung

    4EverYoung Camp Fodder

    I am, but I'm a Titan's fan first. I want wins.

    To be fair, he lost his two top receivers, and running back going into his sophomore season when qbs usually have slumps. Untop of that he had the Madden curse. He is lucky he was able to play the full season. He did a whole better than Brett Farve with a whole lot less.

    As for this season once he was hurt he had 0% chance of starting again. As long as Kerry Collins was >50% and 1td:1int and the Titans were winning most of the games there was no way he ever goes to the bench. or gets hurt, the o-line would make Bledsoe seem like a quick decision maker.

    In my opinion, we knew exactly what we had in Collins by week 10.
    It would have been nice to see Vince play quite a bit the rest of the regular season to evaluate if he has what it takes. If it became obvious he didn't the Titans could move on. If he was decent, you keep for at least one more year. And if it all clicked and he was awesome? Let him continue that until he gets hurt running around. Then Collins goes back in and the team is in the same position except with out a huge question mark at quarter back.
  3. bgtitanfan

    bgtitanfan Guest

    Bro you made my day with that video. I love VY, and I will support him until he retires either with Ten or somewhere else. I forgat how exciting it was to watch him, and that ESPN analyst if i ever see him in real life i will knock is teeth out!!! GO VY, take over this franchise baby.
  4. pete

    pete Camp Fodder

    The 2008 Colts at Indy game told the story Vinnie.
  5. MacNine

    MacNine Starter

    I think Vince Young can play in the NFL. Personally, I thought being drafted by the Titans was one of the worst things to happen to him. He came to a team with a conservative head coach, an inexperience offensive coordinator, bad WRs and fans who love backup QBs.

    All QBs struggle at some point. I expected once he struggled, a McNair vs NOD or McNair vs Volek split among the fans. But never did I expect the way the fans have turned on him. A fresh start might be best for all interested parties.

    Didn't Scottie Pippen refuse to go into a playoff game because the last play wasn't design for him? How many people remember that?
  6. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler


    And Pippin still led his team after that. Good analogy!!!
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