Any news about a new GM?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by JMB54, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. JMB54

    JMB54 Waitin on a Win!

    There sure doesnt seem to be much talk about who will be the next GM. The last news I've seen or heard was on the forum and the Titan Org. was making a list to interview. Has anyone got any recent news?
  2. titanbuoy

    titanbuoy medium rare ®

    I'm hoping it's Mike Reinfeldt. Isn't he Seattle's cap specialist? With Fish's rumored expanded role in player personel, it seems like he'd be a good fit.

    And he's an ex-Oiler... which is always good mojo.

    PS: Jeff Fisher's signature on the bottom of a nice shiny new contract extension can't happen soon enough either. The fact that Fish has yet to re-up and the Steelers have yet to announce a new head coach has me paranoid. I know Jeff is under contract, but the Herm Edwards deal last year showed that doesn't matter. It's long been rumored that the Steelers coveted Fisher to fill the vacancy should the Chin ever leave.
  3. DJB

    DJB Starter

    I heard they may bring two guys in to fill the GM role. One for personnel and one to deal with money issues
  4. Sunshine

    Sunshine Camp Fodder

    I posted in another thread that Titans had requested permission to interview Jags' director of player personnel.
  5. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    that would be a good signing, IMO. look at the guys they've drafted over the ones we've drafted at the same position.

    jones- drew___lendale white
    rashean mathis___woolfolk
    bobby mccray___odom, laboy, schobel
    clint ingram___terna nande
  6. Vince > Leftwich
    Pacman > Mathis
    Bulluck > Everyone
  7. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    bud drafted vince, not reese. i've also read that pacman was fisher's guy, reese wanted rolle. and the fact that you had tot jump from bulluck in 2000 to pacman in 2005 shows how bad our drafts have been these past few years.
  8. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer

    Calico > Matt Jones.........:ha:
  9. lol i was just tryin to make a case for some of my favorite guys on the team
  10. TNThunder

    TNThunder Guest

    Fisher may wait to see what GM is hired before he re-signs.
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