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    DOFP is the one that told me once and for all that Xavier is an idiot, a lousy leader, a permanent loser and a delusional idealist. The ONLY reason everything worked out in the end on that film is because they completely ignored who and what Nixon really was.

    Magneto ftw!
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    I'm still amazed people are seeing these movies.

    Every superhero movie in a few sentences. Hero is introduced. Hero gets powers. Hero struggles with powers. Hero masters powers. Somewhere in the between a villain is introduced, who is typically a greedy businessman. Hero defeats businessman/villain.

    Add love story as needed.
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    To be fair, most genres you can summarise like that.
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    Ant Man was good. Worth a watch..

    In the top few Marvel movies? No way.

    GotG had much better laughs, but AM did have plenty of charm itself.

    The only two true Marvel disappointments for me are Thor 2 and AoU.

    Ant Man far exceeded expectations. It was a good recovery from the trainwreck that was Age of Ultron. They needed a small scale film after that. I'm afraid Civil War may be as overly busy and cluttered as that movie was.

    Days of Future Past underused Bishop, and that is unforgivable. It was a good movie, but not even close to the best movie in a decade. And this new Xmen movie is looking pretty stupid, from what they've shown of the characters. Not interested in a teenage, gay looking Nightcrawler, or the Ivan Ooze/Arnold as Mr. Freeze version of Apocalypse.[​IMG]

    X3 just trashed that series.. This new series should have been a total reboot, completely ignoring the original films altogether. Instead, they have to jump through hoops to make the old movies not exist in this time travel storyline.

    Xmen could have been so much better if Marvel had the rights. Nightcrawler in X2 was one of the few things the original trilogy did right. Sabertooth, Wolverine, a few others were good..
    Rogue was horrible, Cyclops, Iceman, and most other characters sucked.

    I'm sure Xmen Apocalypse will be more JLaw facetime hour.
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    I have a feeling Civil War should have been 2 movies.
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    Totally agree. They should have scrapped avengers 2 altogether. Instead made it avengers: civil war part 1...and actually change the plot to where it has a point in the larger story other than including Vision, maximoffs, and breeding a small amount of distrust for Stark. So much potential, so much waste.

    It definitely had no point other than to generate money. Mission accomplished.
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    Well, Ultron wasn't around for very long so one could hardly call it an "age" of Ultron. Soo....there's that.

    And "a little distrust" for Stark?...I mean, I like the IM franchise and enjoy RDJ's Stark, but he's not supposed to be a likeable guy. No, you never trust him because he's a self-absorbed ***** who manages to cause as many problems as he solves.

    I feel like it's worth driving to the west side of the island to buy and read Civil War rather than wait for the film.
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    Is civil war heros. Vs hero's or whaf
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    Yes..CapAm and pals vs IronStark and buds. Same situation as Xavier vs Magneto: government registration of powers.
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    too much Winter Soldier hate

    I loved Ant-Man, pleasantly surprised me.

    1. Winter Soldier
    2. Guardians of the Galaxy
    3. Ant-Man
    4. Avengers
    5. Iron Man

    Also, @Fry yes X-Men is Marvel but for films their rights are owned by Fox, along with the Fantastic Four. So even though they are Marvel comic book characters and show a Marvel banner at the beginning of their movies, they are not in the same universe. Which is why Spider-Man being in the Marvel cinematic universe (MCU) is such a big deal now.

    I'm so ready for Civil War, the Russo brothers are going to wonderful work just like they did for Winter Soldier.
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