Another signature loss for Munchak

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TheSureThing, Nov 25, 2012.

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    That would suck.

    Where's Lotulelei supposed to go?
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    most have him right before or after Te'o in the top 5

    even though i like to look at mock drafts... there is no way any of them are even 75% correct (except the top 5 or so since it's so obvious)... but even so... it's so early and combine hasn't even happened yet...
    hopefully the jags will move up again to draft another bust.... i just hope they dont get geno... i hate rooting against wvu alumni...
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    Chance Warmack would be the only OL I would take in the 1st round for us, depending on our spot of course. He has dominated this year.

    If we go DE I'll take Werner or Montgomery, Star if we go DT.

    Then of course the two guys I want the most are Te'o and Jarvis Jones.

    We're going to have a top 10 pick, maybe top 5 so a few of these guys should be available.
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    Playcalling wasn't a problem in that game, Locker was hurt and still shaking off the rust, their defense was great and good receivers drop passes under the best coaches.
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    Play calling was a problem. Our players weren't giving it their all and we're not focused. They were playing very sloppy. That is on the coaches. It's not just a dropped pass here and there. It's constant mistakes and a lack of basic fundamentals game after game.
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    A player can get just as demoralized by his team mates sucking and not being able to coach, as they can by a coach yelling on the sidelines.
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    dont know if anyone mentioned this but its cba rules they get that week off
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    That was Giants head coach Tom Coughlin in a discussion he had with former QB Phil Simms a couple of weeks ago. Hes not the only one. The new CBA is a joke, it basically makes the NFL a walk through league in terms of practice. How do you practice in shorts and helmets with very little to no contact play during the week and then come out on Sunday and take peoples heads off? What a %$^&*$# joke.
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    That observation is based on what...all the time you spend in the locker room and in the film room and meetings with the guy? Or simply because he is not as animated and emotional on the sidelines?

    Comparing the Giants coming out of a bye to the Titans is crazy....We dont have Eli behind center...we cannot tape Hass and Locker together and make an Eli...

    Locker is still raw and blew a bunch of passes to wide open receivers. He continually threw the ball high and made the WRs break out of their normal pattern to have to go up and get some of those balls.

    And our LBs forgot how to play again...poor tackling and letting the TE run them off the field.

    The Titans sucked on Sunday...we may have talented players...but its a coin flip on whether they play like it on any given Sunday.

    We have nothing to lose in blowing up the coaching staff...can't get too much worse. But I sure am not sold that it is all on the HC as far as why they are not performing. At some point the millionares in cleats have to be held accountable and if they can't play up to their contract cut them loose.
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