Another signature loss for Munchak

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    The Titans have SOME talent, but over the past five or six years they have made some terrible mid-round picks that have proven to be complete turds and that is on the front office/Fisher (CJ was lightning in a bottle). Also, there is NO excuse for letting talent like Tulloch, Vanden Bosch, Jones, even Finnegan get away thinking you're going to find comparable talent in the draft given the organization's awful scouting ability, but give Griffin an extension. That is just indefensible. This front office is cheap and clueless, two of the absolute worst characteristics an NFL organization can be.
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    I want a hard ass coach like Tom couglin those guys play hard and they get destroyed every year by injuries and the next man steps up. That is all about discipline and being a leader of men.
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    The Titans definitely have the talent to be in the playoffs but we're having lousy play at some positions. I like Munch but he's not a HC and the coordinators we have right now are a joke. There is no way you can lose to the winless Colts and Jags last year with the playoffs on the line and the Jags again this year and keep your job. Yes those games are on the players too but it's the coaches job to have everyone ready to win the game. Losing the games we should win have cost us the playoffs in now back to back seasons, we have a lot of young talent but now it's time to bring in coaches who can actually use it properly.

    It's like in college football, you can recruit with the best but if you don't have the coaches to groom the players and get them ready for game day then you're not going to win or hold a job.

    We have many issues to address:
    -Offensive Line: Interior of course and depth at tackle
    -WR: Britt's future, depth at position.
    -TE: Do we bring back Cook?
    -DL: Need another pass rushing DE and a better rotation of DT's.
    -McCarthy: Is he really the guy for us? Manti Te'o anyone?
    -Ayers: Better suited for the 3-4, his pass rushing has been great this year. How do we keep him at OLB?
    -Safety: Griffin still sucks and Babs is getting owned. Clean this position out and start fresh.
    -Bironas: He's going to ask for more money this off season, time for a new kicker.

    So this is my solution:
    -Clean out the coaching staff and bring people in from outside the organization. Bring in an offensive coordinator who has had success of grooming young QB's and let him creative with the weapons we do have. For DC I wouldn't mind switching to the 3-4 but would expect a lot of growing pains, so how about a guy that runs a hybrid of both the 43 and 34 and do everything Gray always promised us?

    -Keep CJ for another year but draft a RB in the mid rounds like an Eddie Lacy and let's see what happens. We also need another deep threat that can spread the field, I wouldn't mind a guy like Louis Murphy who should come pretty cheap but gives us some nice WR depth. I have a feeling Cook will ask for too much but the way Thompson has progressed and Stevens blocking abilities we can manage. We can spend Cook's money on bigger needs like listed below.

    -We need a couple more interior lineman and depth at OT. Address this through the draft and free agency. I wouldn't use a first round pick (especially where we're expected to pick) but a 2nd or 3rd and spending a nice chunk of the cap would be the way to go.

    -Draft a DE inside the first 3 rounds and get a consistent DL rotation going. Morgan isn't a pass rusher so I think he would be a great player to bring in off the bench but still get a lot of playing time. Casey is obviously a starter but the other position needs to be improved. Klug may not be the answer and need to see more out of Martin, signing for depth would do us well (Dorsey?).

    -Draft Manti Te'o. I'm sorry McCarthy lovers but I'm on the bandwagon. This guy can come in and be the face of this franchise on defense and set the tone for what's coming for the opposing team, he's also an instant team leader. We've been begging for a guy like this since Bulluck left and now he may just fall in our lap, we have to pull the trigger on it. McCarthy is too big of an injury risk to be counted on as a franchise player. Having Te'o, Brown, and Ayers will make for the best young LB core in the NFL.

    -If I'm not mistaken there are plenty of options right now at the safety position in free agency. I f have to hang on to Griffin for another year that's fine but we need to bring in someone that can actually cover and hit. William Moore, Dashon Goldson, LaRon Landry, and Jarius Byrd are all in their final year of their contract. Just getting one of these guys would be a success.

    Sorry for length of the post but this is what I would do and of course it won't happen because the Titans never make it this simple.
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    Some people are very smart & knowledgable but they cannot Teach....
    Some people know the Bible but they cannot Preach.............. and so on, and so on........

    No doubt Munch seems to be a good person, has more football knowledge than I will ever have in my lifetime, but just doesn't seem to be a true leader. Can't fault him for attempting to take the reins in a very last minute bad situation. In the event he would choose to admit his defeat and step down my respect for him would double.
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    Welp Palmer is out.
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    You can draft Te'o and keep McCarthy if you go to a 3-4 that would highlight an actual strength of this team. A young fast line backing core
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    Te'o won't be on the board when we pick. I think he'll go top 3
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    yep.. Te'o will be gone... there's a lot of mock drafts having us take Sam Montgomery
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    We could easily have a top 5 pick, not sure a LB would go top 3 but he'll definitely be gone after the 5th pick.
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    yet Babineaxux! will remain a Titan and probably start sunday - THAT is the issue
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