Andy Reid: Listening to offers for McNabb, Vick, Kolb

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by nate42104, Mar 24, 2010.

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    It's hard to feel like we are contenders with our current defensive roster.

    I was thinking, we could've had McNabb instead of Jared Cook.
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    LOL...are you serious? What has Kevin Kolb done to earn this respect? Have a good game against the Chiefs who had the 29th worst defense by points? He threw 3 INTS against the 20th ranked Saints D. These two starts and he's as good as Aaron Rogers? Did Andy Reid tell you this? Sure, Aaron Rodgers is a great way to make a crazy move based on nothing. Rodgers came out of nowehere pretty much (although his last season before starting he played extremely well against a good Dallas D...finished with a QB rating over 100 and didn't turn the ball over) but there are a ton of examples of how QB's who do nothing turn into nothing given a chance. And you'd want to spend multiple first rnd picks on a guy with no proven track record, make a huge financial investment, dump VY and HIS gigantic financial investment, and hope the hype that he's comparable to Aaron Rodgers is close? No thanks!!!

    Kolb wasn't even a 1st rnd draft pick...which means he chances for success in the NFL are even slimmer!

    Please educate us with Super Bowl history and the type of QB it takes to win in postseason and what that has to do with VY...

    If we are 'sold' on VY WHY would we bring in another starting QB? What do you think being 'sold' on a starting QB means? And what do you mean by 'settle' for bringing in McNabb? Are you willing to trade our 1st rnd pick (and not fix the D) to bring in McNabb and then pay him a fortune (or trade our first rnd pick for having McNabb for 1 season)???

    Why do we not have a 'legitimate' passing attack in your opinion? The thought of trading for Kolb gives me fear...that we just destroyed the franchise for years! Giving up such high picks and a huge amount of money to a completely unproven player goes against extreme odds. Talk about learning from history...

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