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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by CRUDS, Sep 11, 2011.

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  1. theprizdfighter

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    I don't mind CJ being the 'starter', but he is not an every down back in the NFL. I said it all last year. Go ahead and hit "It Sucks", but you will just be showing you don't know the NFL very well.
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  2. SawdustMan

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    IMO CJ needs to be getting around 14-18 carries per game with a few more receiving touches mixed in. I think about a 65/35 split with a bigger more bruising back would be ideal. I hate to even bring it up, but it's scary to imagine what a CJ/Blount combo would look like. :hmm:

    If CJ could hit the hole with a little more authority and push the pile forward every once in awhile I wouldn't mind him being an "every down back". But those zero and negative yardage carries are drive killers, plain and simple.
  3. titanflamer

    titanflamer Starter

    To be fair, I think CJ had enough attempts to prove he was not going to be effective.What if he had 16, maybe even 20, and made one 20 plus run? That would not negate all the 3 and outs while Jags were ahead. Might make the CJ fans have something to brag about.

    It annoyed me to no end last year when he was repeatedly fed the ball, was not effective and the defence stayed on the field. Time to try something different.

    When things were clicking and we were moving the ball with him, its fun to watch. But there is times when speed dont help. Then we can either try a bigger back, change positions on the line or try airing it out. Perhaps all three.

    Yesterday was just not in the cards I suppose.
  4. GoT

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  5. Psychop1

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    Pretending like defenses give Harper the same look as CJ is quite ridiculous. CJ did do too much dancing in the backfield Sunday, but my biggest beef was the playcalling. Every time CJ was on the field, the entire defense was keying on him. We should have been able to make them pay. It seemed like that's what we were trying to do, but our passing game was pretty much as ineffective as CJ was. I don't even remember seeing a playaction pass. Cook could have had a monster of a game over the middle.
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  6. Titans Eternal

    Titans Eternal Got the swagger of a cripple

    With as much as we are paying CJ, I don't want to turn him into a Reggie Bush type back. I want the ball in his hands. Alot. I would love to get 3-4 years of CJ being our feature back. I didn't want him sharing the ball with White, and I don't want him sharing the ball with Harper. And it isn't because Harper is a bad running back... it is because CJ is, well... CJ2k. Drink the :koolaid:
  7. titan_fan_4ever

    titan_fan_4ever Titans Rule

    im sorry guys....i dont see how you can pin this loss on CJ. this is a team game and the blame is shared amongst a lot of players.

    Starting with the lines - both offensive and defensive. I made a post about it earlier, in the 'what it takes to win jags' thread. both D-line and O-line are a concern for me right now. There was so little push on both sides that it was a joke.

    Pressure has a lot to do with our best ends not being there. Im really disappointed we cut ford and brought in no one good when we have this much concern in WEEK 1 over the position. He was a great situational and rotation guy and he was cheap - i saw no reason for him to go, yet (sure injury a big factor, but still that bug has been hitting the whole team as of late).

    No one wnats to blame QB play? Matt had some really bad plays with some bad accuracy. The guy was knocked on for not having long ball accuracy and it was evident. Short-Mid range he was OK (given the lack of practice time he had off course). Long throws takes a lot of work sure, but you need accuracy and timing, and neither were present on the part of matt on almost every (non-easy/small window) pass.

    Britt is a baller guys, if he was on another team he'd be huge right now (assuming he inst in jail). Everyone would be comparing him to Moss/Fitz as he is a tier 1, taller/faster receiver and thats with injuries, off field distractions, and never a good, pass-first QB - still a baller. there is no excuse this guy doenst get catches every game. just as qbs get credited for a lot they should get dogged too. That final play could have easily been a TD in my book had matt had better accuracy on the pass. if this guy was catching from Rodgers/Brees eche player - his production would be down right disgusting.

    My other Quick hits:

    1 - Ayers - this guy played really well and im going to enjoy watching him week in/out play. Agressive, big, and most important talented.

    2 - As a titan fan, i can remember in the years we have struggled, we kept on trying to change player weights thinking it would make the magical difference. Now, im hearing - bigger is better....again. I wholeheartedly disagree with that. Talent is better, big is a bonus. players should slim down or buff up till they find their ideal weights; but that hardly overshadows how important talent is.

    3 - The NEW RB: In my opinion, in the modern game, RBs will now start becoming smaller players. these little guys are so effective and are not even seen by defensive players till they emerge from the line with bulldozing strength and good speed. these new guys, Marion barber, MJD, Rice, etc... these small/powerful/low center of gravity guys, i think, are the future of the position. And just like barber, their play-life is short (not big contacts) which fits the new RB position defined by the NFL in a somewhat wholesome manner. Sure there will always be an AP/CJ every so often, but i honestly believe more backs coming out of college will be of a similar stature to MJD/Rice. Low to the ground, very hard to tackle, etc...

    I remember taht play by Ruud, and i liked it even though MJD took him for a ride. instead of going after his legs, and stopping him quicker (or rather probably missing him), he literally jumped on his back while he could and held on to make sure he didnt break to the next level/all the way. Good play by Ruud.

    Someone said something about drafting LBs next yr. I say no. i think Ayers, Ruud, And WILL (who always plays well, really i dont know how teams keep cutting him) are a good trio. and we have good depth as well only further illustrated when we cut Rennie. he could have started with good success for teams out there. for me our focus should be defensive line - i'd happily spend like two picks on DE and 2 on DT b/c that by far is our biggest concern.

    4 - Tommie looks real good guys. he was flying everytime he was on the field. I think if hope struggles and/or the team loses a lot - no doubt in my mind give him the last games to see what he has got. this guy could be something really special and im not talking for a 7th rounder either.
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  8. theprizdfighter

    theprizdfighter Newb to the 19.5°

    But if it takes CJ, 20 - 25 carries to bust a big one to the endzone, what could another back be doing with those other carries? The negative yards and no gains really hurt us (not just talking about Sunday). Of course every back is going to have some no gains and what not, but if CJ is contacted in the backfield, chances are he doesn't gain a yard if he gets back to the line of scrimmage at all.

    JCBRAVE 2017 Pick'em Champion Tip Jar Donor

    C.J. missing all of preseason defiantly hurt us, he's got to be that guy Hasselbeck can turn to when throwing the ball isn't getting it done. I hope this coming Sunday goes better for us. I think it will, everyone now has a sense of what they've got to get done for us to succeed.
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  10. cozmicfool

    cozmicfool Starter

    Eh, it happens at times. I knew with the amount of people upset over the holdout would net me some sucks. I honestly thought it would be more lol.
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