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  1. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler

    QB - Vince Young is the franchise QB and hopefully will be for the next decade. Kerry Collins should not have been re-signed as Tim Rattay would have been a better fit (and given us more stability over a longer period of time) but he'll be adequate for another year. Can draft or aquire a 3rd QB anytime.

    RB - With Henry and Brown not currently on the roster, the big question is whether LenDale White can carry the ball 25 times a game for a whole season and stay productive (and durable). If the Titans don't think so, they need at least a starter capable RB. If they do, we need a good backup and preferably a change of pace guy. Need a draft pick or free agent.

    FB - Set.

    WR - With Bennett and Wade gone and Givens hurt to start next season, we have Brandon Jones and a bunch of guys. The two options are, draft or buy a starter which means BJ goes back to the 3rd spot once Givens comes back, or sign/draft a 3rd guy who can start a bit 'til Givens returns. Fiscally, this is the way to go as it won't pay for us to pay 2 big contracts at WR with such a young QB and our philosophy of pounding the rock. Plus, signing a starter means we won't draft a big time WR in the draft and we should leave that possibility open. Should aquire at least 1 #3 WR and potentially another backup partime role player.

    TE - This is one of those strange positions to evaluate. Troupe has all the talent but non of the production. Scaife doesn't have near the talent but produces on the field. If Troupe can start living up to his potential, this position will be fine with Hartsock being serviceable. However, there are some intriguing possibilities in free agency worth a look.

    LT - Roos will be here starting for a decade. Loper is a young and serviceable backup.

    LG - Jacob Bell has shown flashes but has been inconsistent at times. He's still young and could develop into what we want. Geisinger is a decent backup.

    OC - Roos and Mawae are the 2 best players on the OL but Mawae is up there in age. The Titans will probably need to draft a young player to develop under him in the next draft or 2 or give Amano a shot. No strong need.

    RG - Olson is past his prime and is the only piece in need of upgrading on the OL. Like Bell, he can be inconsistent. What's worse is that he won't get any better....only worse. This is a moderate need especially if the Titans wanna surround VY with a dominant runnning game.

    RT - Stewart was also inconsistent this year but like Bell, he's young and may develop nicely. Wand is a serviceable backup.

    Offense - While there are some holes to be filled, there is no area we desperately are in need of upgrading. With White drafted in round 2 to become the feature back, Brandon Jones looking capable of starting opposite David Givens, and no other real holes in starting roles, the offense won't be spectacular, but should be able to do enough of what it needs to do (win late).

    RDE - LaBoy and Odom haven't done much to inspire confidence that they will be anything more than backups. This position is CRUCIAL for a defense (especially with Schwartz coordinating the D). Imagine a backup OL playing LT! This area is in desperate need of an upgrade via draft or free agency (or trade).

    LDE - KVB is an excellent LDE. He can rush the passer well and is stout against the run. He also has a high motor! DT Tony Brown might be a good backup here.

    DT - The people that think our coaching is fine and blame our 31st ranking on the players point a finger at Albert Haynesworth. Why? A lack of production. Considering AH is double teamed on almost every play, I'm not sure what production they think he can get in that situation other than to tie up blockers and hold his ground. Haynesworth is not Kris Jenkins, but he's certainly the best DT we have and an above avg player. While he takes some plays off, he's a beast. If he's not in the long term plans, he should be a prime trade piece. Otherwise, he should be extended as he's a good player. Starks has been wildy inconsistent. There were times where I thought he was gonna be a huge steal from that draft...and times where I felt like he's a non-factor. The jury is out on him. Rien Long is a good pass rusher, but hasn't been much help against the run. Tony Brown has a very fast first step, but can't hold up vs a double team. Might be best suited to backing up KVB at LDE. Jesse Mahelona is a big body but hasn't shown much. The Titans could probably use an upgrade at one DT spot. Starks can hold down the job with Long spotting him on passing downs, but where's the beef to keep teams from taking out our LB's. With Tulloch smallish and neither Bulluck nor Thornton good at taking on OL, having another bidy body could go a long way. Not a need area but highly desireable to find a big body run stopper.

    ROLB - Bulluck with man this spot well. He's slipping in two ways. First, he's playing more and more undisciplined, his pursuit is off...he's over running plays he shouldn't (creating cutback lanes), and he's not attacking blockers like he should. Even still, he's an above avg LB at least and with a real RDE in front of him (and a trust in the players around him) and he'll be better. Woods is a special teamer. Perhaps Nande can develop.

    MLB - Tulloch looks to be the starter but his size will only feed the concept that the Titans run D ranking has something to do with him being shorter. It doesn't. Tulloch will get better with time cause sometimes he 'fits' the wrong hole and with Bulluck trying to compensate, it causes problems. But he definitely shows flashes in pursuit, attacking the line of scrimmage and making good tackles. While we can certainly 'live' with Tulloch as the starter, a good vet would go a LONG way to helping out the defense in more ways than you can count on one hand. Need another player here via free agency or the draft.

    LOB - Thornton has played SAM LB before but it's not his strength. However, he does have KVB in front of him which helps a lot. Thornton is also a very sure tackler and good in pass coverage. He'll be the starter here for awhile. We need some depth at LB.

    LCB - Pacman Jones is becoming an enigma...and not in a good way. While his play on the field has improved dramatically, will the NFL allow him to continually be on the fringes of the law before taking action? We may soon find out. If Pac can stay out of jail and avoid any suspension, he'll be an excellent player. If not, we'll have problems. Woolfolk is an enigma in his own right. He was very solid as a nickel right out of college and has gotten continually worse? That seems to be the coaches opinion. We'll see if they're right when he's gone next year. Currently, the Titans don't think he can play so he's just a body right now.

    RCB - Hill is one of the most abused the fans. He reminds me a lot of Denard Walker...can stay with people and can tackle, but not good ball skills. He might return to previous form if Schwartz can protect him with a Safety. Even better if that safety isn't Lamont Thompson. With Pac's legal issues, finding a #1 CB wouldn't be a bad way to go. We should look for a good free agent starting CB or look for one in the draft.

    NB - Finnegan is a good nickel.

    Dime - Fuller is a solid choice here and even played well when Finnegan started one game. We need more CB depth though.

    FS - Why the coaching staff didn't bench Thompson last year is beyond my comprehension. He was solid in a few games but easily the biggest problem on the D up most of the big plays yielded. Lowry and Fuller are alternate starters, but based on them not seeing the field with such an aweful performance in front of them, doesn't not inspire confidence that Thompson won't start again unless a FS is drafted early or a solid vet is signed.

    SS - Hope was everything we hoped for and MORE. While he's no Ed Reed, he's exactly what we need. Lowry or Fuller could be a backup here though if Lowry starts at SS, the Titans could probably use a true SS for depth.

    P - Hentrich is up there age wise but one of the best punters around.

    K - Bironas has a big leg, but not the best kicker in the world. We can draft some competition for him if we want an upgrade.

    With VY running the offense, the offense could rank almost anywhere. However, with a strong rushing attack, the offense can do enough.

    The defense needs a lot of help. Despite adding DT Robaire Smith, OLB Thornton, CB Finnegan, MLB Tulloch, and SS Chris Hope, the defense didn't improve as much as you'd think (considering 5 of the players were upgraded).

    Biggest need = RDE (Get a good player here and it improves our secondary vs the pass and our LB's vs the run game as well as cause turnovers/field position on sacks)
  2. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer

    nice analysis Gut.
  3. Riverman

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  4. LT21Titans27

    LT21Titans27 Tebow Apostle

    I think were ok at kicker/punter, i also think that Lendale White will be fine, but thats just me
  5. dontdraftcutler

    dontdraftcutler We can't be that bad, can we?

    I agree with you gut....we desperately need help at DE and FS, and I think we're could use some insurance at corner. Plenty of other needs, but those are the glaring needs IMO. Unfortunately, our DC doesn't put the players we have in a position to be successful, so we have to have the best players possible because our scheme sucks.
  6. Soxcat

    Soxcat Starter

    I agree with most of the commentary except I feel a littel better about Bironas than maybe Gut does. Bironas did his job last year and then some.
  7. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    Don't understand the WR analysis...

    Why would givens coming off a career threatening injury be immediately elevated ahead of brandon jones assuming he plays at all? What if he is reduced to a calico caliber player? Why would any rookie be elevated above him even a first rd pick?

    The way i see it jones is our #1 as long as he is healthy.

    Could be that givens is making more progress than expected and that might have something to do with why we are not paying big money for any WR. That could be a good sign. Also they may have a lot of confidence in williams and even roby being able to contribute.
  8. The Mrs

    The Mrs Crush on Casey Starbucks!

    Boy shut your mouth! We've got some of the best linebackers in the NFL!
  9. PitBull

    PitBull Bred to Brawl

    Nicely said.
  10. PitBull

    PitBull Bred to Brawl

    excellent job Gut.
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