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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by The Playmaker, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. Dman

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    I was shocked when the game came on at how much red I saw at the game, I was like WTF is going on!! The end of the game pissed me off when I heard all the dam 49er fans, what a bunch of crap!
  2. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Crap the booze out.

    Ok. I kind of know what you're saying- but you can't just state these types of things without being objective.

    3-4 has nothing to do with how talented the Titans are.

    Are we more talented than:

    The Chiefs (with Fitz as QB) ?
    The Seahawks ?

    The answer is simply: No.

    Fans overvalue their teams' talent because they're most familiar with this team. But the only team of those 4 we should have beaten based on talent MIGHT be the Chiefs. And that's a big might.
  3. BigTitanFan

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    I don't think Houston has any more talent than we do. We should have beat Houston, Chiefs, and the Seahawks. I'm sure Titan fans are tired of always saying we " should have" or "could have" won the game, but that is the case. Every game we shoot ourselves in the foot ( EVERY GAME that we lose anyway). Hopefully the new owner will hold coaches AND players accountable for what happens. By being held accountable, I mean right now. Not this "we will wait and see mumbo jumbo". Hold players and coaches accountable RIGHT NOW and turn things around. I get so frustrated at Munch's facial expressions. I'm sure I make the same faces when I'm popping a squat on the toilet!
  4. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    Sorry. His promise was that we would be a better team, not just against the crappy ones.

    Munch got his guys this last offseason. Wanted to upgrade the offensive line and we have three new ones, one with a top-ten pick and the other got $50 mil. He wanted "his" guys on the coaching staff, the guys he was willing to go down with.

    He promoted from within for OC position, brought in some high school coach/buddy from Penn State to coach the linebackers and fired the most senior guy on his staff in Allen Lowery.

    Our offensive game plans have been terrible and predictable with no identity established and the special teams have been worse than last year. Penalties are a continual problem.

    Unsurprisingly special teams has cost us at least 16 points this season and seven of those were in a game that we lost by single digits.

    He's made stupid decisions on when to go for the fourth down conversion and even worse challenges.

    There's no doubt in my mind Munch has cost this team at least one W, probably more with his reluctance to bench guys sooner that were clearly not worth a roster spot.
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  5. titan_fan_4ever

    titan_fan_4ever Titans Rule

    this is not an observation from just yesterday, but ref's are calling games MADLY INCONSISTENT...
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    JCBRAVE 2017 Pick'em Champion Tip Jar Donor

    Thats been an ongoing problem forever
  7. titan_fan_4ever

    titan_fan_4ever Titans Rule

    perhaps, but now that we are 'relevant' again its either happening more or i'm noticing it more...
  8. MikeJonesDrew

    MikeJonesDrew Special Teams Standout

    This is what i have noticed from this year.

    1. The coaching staff hasnt been as bad as yall make it out to be. In fact i have been surprised at how different they have been. MM has done a good job with Locker and showing his support behind him. Something Young never had being here. MM has done quicker changes on the team then Fisher did. AT LEAST hes trying. I understand everyone says, oh this guy sucks change him quick. Well players have streaks and sometimes they can go on good streaks and have alot of good games. MM seems to give them a chance to redeem or keep their job. Nothing wrong with that. Hes trying to show if u can bounce back or rebound u can keep your job.

    2. Individual players have cost us with dumb mistakes. We went 4 weeks without a turnover and coaching has to do with that as well. MM is a do your job man, and he had us on point for those weeks. Reynaud is a high risk player whenever he is on the field, he is high risk high reward or the other way... Hes gone now though so we dont have to worry about him. Britt is a bonehead, and is going to be gone soon too. Stewart is a hothead and his after the play is dead penalties are killer to our drives. This has to stop. Duh right lol

    3. Locker, man has he improved. I like what we have done with certain play calling with him. Loggains has been a bit vanilla at times, but i mean hes done the part. Something i would like to see more of, SCREENS. You have a speed back and u have Wright. No reason not to give these guys some blockers with space and let him use it.

    4. With Bud dying, hopefully it gives our team a spark to play for something. Going into a game with a chip on your shoulder is normally good. The defense has played with toughness in pretty much every game, they will keep it up in the future too. Our offense has to bring some of that to balance it out. I know we all are tired of average, but we have a couple of peices we need to get first before we are a every game bring it kinda team. When you have inconsistent players on the field, thats what youll get from them. We removed one in Reynuad, and we benched Turner. So when Britt is gone, our offense should be alot better. If we can be aggressive again in FA and pick up some good peices, maybe a WR or a TE and some depth on defense, we will look like a contender next year. Patience guys, we are 3-4, and have a chance to turn it around in the second half.

    5. Bright spots have been Locker, he is showing we have a QB we can count on now. I know we still lost against SF, but Locker still looked good, even injured. He has a bit of McNair in him. Thats what we need, a true leader at QB. Someone wholl play thru injuries and lead the team. for the Niners game, the run blocking looked on point when we were running it. CJ had holes to hit and he was hitting them hard. Lets keep that up. Defense, we went from being a league worst to one of the best. I believe Williams will stay and maybe even be promoted next year. Hes changed this defense around and i know guys like Morgan and Pollard support him. He brings fire and even if he doesnt get promoted, he'll still have this D fired up and playing tough. Im sure hes teaching Gray some things and hopefully Gray can learn from it.

    At least we are competing too u guys. Last year we were wishing we would just do that. Now we just gotta form that into wins . Lets keep some faith in our team. We cant jump ship after every loss. Well i guess if u want too, but it just shows what kinda fan u are. We are turning it around. If our D can go from league worst to one of the best, idk how u can argue against that. The proof is there. Hang in yall
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    The D is much improved, but I wouldn't say it is anywhere near "the best" in the league. The D has no one that the opposing O has to gameplan around, no "playmakers". That is not a deal breaker for a good D, but it means that players have to play above their heads sometimes in order for the D to be effective. That is when you get penalties and injuries because people who aren't playmakers have to make plays. "Doing your job" doesn't win championships, playmakers making plays does. The Titans are still looking for that Jevon Kearse, Al Haynesworth type of player on D that is necessary to have a dominating D, which is necessary to win big if you want smashmouth football on O.

    JCBRAVE 2017 Pick'em Champion Tip Jar Donor

    Historically we've only won one game after one of our people has passed. And that was a few days after Mike Heimerdinger died. We beat the Browns.

    But following the passing of Nancy Adams (Buds wife), Steve McNair, O.J. Murdock, and Bum Phillips, nothing but a bunch of losses.

    I dont like when a member of the Titans family dies, nothing productive ever comes out of it.
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