Amniotic band syndrome

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by 5tweezyPOT, Jul 11, 2017.

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    Hey man, in terms of the in uterous surgey,etc, My recommendation is to go with your heart man, whatever you feel is the right call push for it and do it, regardless of what the dr. or anyone on here says.

    My wife is about 6 months pregnant, we just found out the umbilical cord isnt in the right position so there might be a blood flow issue, absolutely not as serious a situation as yours, but i'm just going with what the doctors say, and praying that everything is good. Best things ive done is talk to people about it, and serval friends have said their wifes had this happen and its made me feel better.

    While yours may be more rare, id go to other forums centered around this issue, and find a situation close to yours, and you may end up finding the best solution in that type of environment.

    I wish you all the best brother, and let us know how it all shakes out, im sure it will turn out better than you think in the long run.
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    Yea man anytime when a doctor says something ain't right with a pregnancy it's terrifying. Best anyone can do is hope for the best. I just keep telling myself at least she has a chance at a somewhat normal life. So far they don't think theirs any more free bands and she moves a lot so she's not restricted so that's good. I finally got accepted to. Abs Facebook group I guess they gotta weed out perverts that's kinda weird.
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