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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by xpmar9x, Apr 1, 2011.

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    Montana is exactly what we need! Tony Montana! Let the pass rush come in and blow them away. Say hello to my little friends!

    With their whole front 7 in the morgue we can win the game.
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    I would be disappointed if the 49ers drafted Ryan Mallet, in any round (I'm a 49er fan).

    He's extremely inaccurate. I'm talking more about ball placement than I am completion percentage here (a QB can throw an inaccurate pass and still complete it). He throws behind receivers and receivers often have to slow down to catch his passes. The Niners need a guy who can lead receivers with passes and catch them in stride. VD and Crabtree esp. would benefit from a quarterback that can actually do so. Mallett is not a guy who throws passes in well placed windows for receivers.

    He has a slow release, he has terrible footwork and throws off his back foot rather than stepping into throws. He has poor mechanics. He is oafy. He has zero pocket presence and is a complete statue in the pocket. He isn't mobile and doesn't create throwing lanes.

    If you watch his games, you will notice that most have his big plays were a result of wide receivers being wide open. Most of his throws are uncontested and to open receivers. He locks on to a read and throws in open space to a wide open receiver. This is a result of Petrino's system, which also has been known to produce crappy quarterbacks at the pro level.

    When evaluating a QB, there are many things I look for, but the most important would be pocket presence, footwork, accuracy, read progression, and offensive system. Every single one of those is a red flag with Mallett (among others). About the only thing that can really be said of him is that he has a strong arm, which is the most overrated attribute of a pro QB (Jamarcus Russell had a strong arm too). Therefore, I would be utterly disappointed if the Niners drafted Mallett in the first round, or at all for that matter.
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    Way too long.

    That's what she said.
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