am i being too much of a homer? CJ2k's fantasy value...

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    Well I hope CJ rocks out because he just fell to me in the bottom of the 3rd in a 12 man. If he puts up good numbers, Im almost guaranteed a win! I went RB rds 1-3. Lynch, Morris, CJ. Then VJax, Wayne, and Gonzo. I did however lose out on some of the better QB talent but I ended up with Romo/Eli.
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    RB are more scarce this year than years past. There's about 8 legit starters who don't share carries.
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    Do you play with a bunch of kids?

    That's about as a good a lineup as you can get as long as VJax performs, ie josh freeman doesn't suck.

    Romo late is a good value. He gets like 1 point less per week than guys like Stafford and Ryan.
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    Yeah pretty much. 7 QBs came off the board by the end of round 2, it was INSANE! They had a run on WRs until the end of the 3rd but I knew I had locked up all RB talent possible by that point. I was even impressed at the depth that fell to me. I snagged Shorts, Garcon, and Ben Tate.