All-time power rankings put Colts behind Ravens

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky I know there is a complex formula at the root of Page 2's Ultimate NFL Power Rankings, a list that puts all 32 teams in context since the 1970 merger.
    As in virtually any list that factors in anything that counts longevity or tradition, the AFC South doesn't stand out.
    Two expansion teams and two relocated teams don't usually score high in the sort of categories that put you in the top 10 of such things. You either haven't been around long enough, or things were bad enough that you skipped town.
    Still on an all-time list, it's a little tough to see the Colts (16) ranked a spot behind the Ravens, who replaced them in Baltimore.
    The AFC South's rankings:
    16) Colts
    17) Titans
    20) Jaguars
    30) Texans
    Some interesting stuff on thr Jags:
    Jacksonville ranks ninth in the NFL in winning percentage since 1970, and its five postseason wins in 13 seasons trump the totals of five teams (Browns, Chiefs, Cardinals, Lions and Saints) that have been in the league since 1970.
    Find some interesting numbers that fed into the overall rankings here.

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    :sleepy: It might be nice to see an article about Chris Hope this year. Think we should have some real news instead of this fluff.
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