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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by customtitan, Jan 10, 2010.

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  1. amy

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    "He probably was going to but, forgot and got caught up watching reruns of Green Acres."

    That's a good one! It would be really funny if I didn't realte to it so much!!:ha:
  2. fitantitans

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    THat's because the Pats aren't allowed to cheat anymore.
  3. Soxcat

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    IMO the true worth of a coach is how he does when faced with adversity like injury and poor performance. Any coach can win with real good healthy players with experience. How a coach schemes to hide the weaknesses and play to the teams strengths while doing the opposite to the opposition is key. Also being able to get players to overachieve is another huge factor.

    IMO Fisher gets out coached on a regular basis and I don't see him necessarily getting anything more out of his players than any other coach. Obviously he stays with vets too long and puts rookies into situations where they will fail.
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  4. Gut

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    How good of a coach is Tony Dungy? For years he had the best defense in football (also with a 4 man rush) which became so popular, that many teams imitated it. He couldn't even GET to the Superbowl while having some of the most dominant players in the league. He also had a losing playoff record there. He goes to Indy with arguably the best QB of our generation and a certain Hall of Famer who will be one of the top 3-5 QB's ever. Manning had a Hall of Fame WR in Harrison and ridiculous talent. Manning tied the record with 3 MVP's during Dungy's time and up until the year they won the Superbowl, he had a losing playoff record in Indy as well. For all of their talent, they got bounced from the playoffs quite a bit. In Dungy's final 2 years they got bounced out immediately too. Dungy does have a SB ring, but he still has a below .500 playoff record and he's fielded several of the best teams in the NFL. Gonna rip him?

    BTW, the Colts won a Super Bowl and have been a perennial playoff team with the exact defense we run. The Bucs won the Super Bowl running the same D as well. Last season we had about as good a D as their is in the it obviously works. What's your beef with it?

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  5. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler

    Even more amusement... which we'd have an excellent D. Or we might return to our younger days and run more of a 4-3/46 D mix. We don't know...and neither do you.

    When you lose badly in the turnover department, you usually lose the game in the playoffs. You wanna blame Fisher for players making uncharacteristic turnovers and for CJ getting hurt...blame whomever you like. But I don't know how you blame a coach for an uncharacteristic mistake made by a player. If he played a rb who kept fumbling the ball, I'd agree. But it's not like every mistake a player makes is Fisher's fault and every good play they make is all the player's. You might notice that the player's who turned the ball over took their share of the blame because that - IMO - and every other coaches opinion - on the player's. You don't coach player's to fumble the coach them NOT to do that. Just as when a player goes above and beyond coaching or scheme to make a great play...the player should get the praise.

    Can you show me prior to that game your vast criticism of the defense? How they couldn't play and we would lose the game because of our defense? You may not like the Tampa 2 scheme, but it works and worked well enough for us to have a top ranked unit and has led teams to Super Bowl victories. Now, if you wanna blame Fisher for Schwartz RUNNING the D and being outcoached there, I have no problem with that. But to just say the 4 man rush doesn't work is ridiculous in the face of FACTS.

    Fisher has flaws for you to stand on your soap box and shout about, but blaming him for uncharacteristic turnovers isn't one of them.

    How many of our starting 3 CB's were healthy for that game? Maybe you didn't notice we got torched FASTER when we blitzed than when we didn't. What would have your solution have been considering the personel we had?

    Calling a draw play with the best RB in football is not exactly a terrible call...even if a lot of teams will look for draw or screen. Didn't CJ score a long TD on exactly that play? Virtually every team will do that to some degree. It WAS surprising that Fisher didn't try to win that game in regulation because as far as I can remember, he's NEVER done that in that same situation. Which good players did he bench for garbage?

    Do you have any football background besides watching or do you just blame the head coach for every single thing that happens in the game? Conversely, are you giving Fisher credit for every GOOD thing that happens if you're gonna give him heck for every bad thing?

  6. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    Wade Phillips is a prime example. I think he's one of the worst coaches in the league. I have no idea how he stays in the league. Now, all of a sudden, the Cowboys are playing in December/January and he's now a great coach?

    I think he's finally gotten enough talent to overcome his lack of coaching skills.

    I agree with most of this. What I don't totally agree with is the rookie comment. If anything, he's prone to not play a rookie because of the inexperience. That's why the Mouton thing was so strange. On one hand, he throws an inexperienced rook into a hostile situation as a returner and, on the other, he doesn't play Cook who looked so good this preseason.
  7. Soxcat

    Soxcat Starter

    I think Phillips is a decent defensive coach and he focused on the defense this year and has them playing very well. He also probably is keeping his hands off the offense, another reason the Cowboys are better. In some ways he might be better than Fisher in those respects this year.

    I think Fisher gets a little of a bad rap abut not playing rookies. He does have a track record of playing rookies like Tank Williams and maybe Griffin plays earlier if he didn't start out as a S. Finnegan played his rookie year at NB. Jason Jones played in the DT rotation right away as well. Fisher is more inclined to play rookies now than he was in the past.
  8. dbc5631

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    Who gets more out of their players than Fisher????? Name him! 2007 playoffs Fisher wins 10 games with a QB that threw twice as many INT's than TD's. Never happened before! The next season Fisher wins 13 games with possibly one of the leagues worst QB's! How many superstars has Fisher had in the past 5 years? ONE, Chris Johnson!!
    Think of the guys that were "good" as Titans. Haynesworth, Drew Bennett, KVB, Kearse, Rolle, Volek, Collins, Dyson, Runyun, etc but weren't with other teams. On the flipside, name the guys that had more success after or before the Titans? D Mase, maybe?

    And how can he stay with the vets too long AND put rookies into situations where they will fail? Not everyone can be as fortunate as VY was this year with the timing of his return. D Mase returned punts and kicks as a rookie and was great at it. So was Pacman. Samari Rolle played well at CB his rookie season. Fisher can't win with you when all you do is second guess him. He played Mouton, you say he put him in a bad situation. He doesn't play Cook, you say he stuck with Crumpler and Scaife too long. Where does it end? There needs to be accountability from the players. All those Pro Bowlers in 2008 and just 1 in 2009. Did Fisher go out there and trip Finnegan so the opposing teams WR could burn him? Did Fisher ask Griffin to get beat one on one countless times? How bout KVB's bad year? Fishers fault too I guess. Let's go over who beat Fisher this year. Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Wes Welker. Troy Polamalu, Big Ben and James Harrison. Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne and Dwight Freeney. Those are all Superstars, we have ONE.
  9. karmarouge

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    Sir, this is a very poor attempt at revising history! A very bad one sir! And not only do you fail in that attempt, you actually end up cementing my point. That some coaches will never win any superbowl, outside of pure dumb luck or inheriting supremely talented teams already set up for a superbowl run.

    First lets address your bad revision of history. Sure Dungy has had some dominant players on his teams, but ABSOLUTELY NONE OF HIS TEAMS CAME CLOSE TO THE TALENT OF FISHER'S TOP TEAMS!! NONE!
    While dungy may have had some top names on defense, his teams were always badly balanced. The defense was always good with at best an average offense. Seriously,( I read your post this afternoon and was trying to think up who in the hell was the Qb for the superbowl winning Bucs the year after dungy left them. I couldnt come up with the name. I had to actually look up freaking Brad Johnson) Dungy's teams, all of them including the superbowl winning colts were actually far inferior across the board to Fisher's in both years we had the number 1 ranked teams and lost our first play off game each year.

    Dungy's superbowl winning team across the board inferior to the 99 titans. Its not even close. Top rank talent on defense, better stats, top rank QB who turned out could be just as prolific as Manning (as he would later tie him in the MVP race) I wont even bother to look up the colts defensive stats the year they won the superbowl. (i think it would probably read something like 1000 tackles for bob sanders, 30 INTS by bob sanders, 232.45 broken up passes by bob sanders, 2000 batted balls by bob sanders...and thats it. They were almost always putrid on defense and were a credible threat to give up close to 200 yards rushing a game. A dubious stat that has never even once afflicted any one of Fisher's top ranked teams.

    Dungy is a "good" coach, he knows how to get what he wants out of his players, but he had the potential to be every bit as conservative (read cowardly) as fisher can be. Did you honestly forget when he was publicly over ruled by Peyton Manning on a 4th down play that later turned out to be crucial in the colts winning that play off game?

    Bro you might as well have brought up Brian Billick and tried to sell him off as some pathetic under achiever.

    While dungy, Billick, Mike tomlin, Tony Sporano, Rex Ryan, even that Josh Mcdaniels strive to get out the most of what they have, Fisher has managed to under achieve with the best talent in the league even pulling off the incredible achievement of retarding his teams progress by minimizing player's abilities. (ie 2008 titans with the best d-line and i think were ranked bottom of the league in blitzes,the very modus operandi of a devout coward coach hell bent on covering his arse rather than going out for the win.)

  10. Alex1939

    Alex1939 Space Invaders Champion


    Peyton Manning?!?
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