All Signs Point To 1998 Going Into 1999; Talent Wise

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    Jeff Fisher did an outstanding job gathering the right player personnel, (mostly diamonds in the rough) from the drafts, and keying on the right veteran locker room leadership in the mid to late 90's. His coaching staff was one of the most underrated throughout the entire league before reaching the Superbowl. There is a very, big difference between Jeff Fisher and Mike Munchak however.....

    All signs, talent wise, point toward the 1998 team transcending into the spectacular 1999 team. Every position on both sides of the ball, has very abundant talent, but more importantly, this is the "fastest" Titan/Oiler team in franchise history, and what's even more impressive, half of it is on defense. The wide receiving core is the best since the Run N Shoot days, and the Offensive Line should be the "BEST" hands down in Pro Football.....

    Here's the biggest problem and question, Mike Munchak who may be a "Wade Phillips" and better suited as a "position coach" and one of the best in the league....his demeanor and game planning as a head coach is still very much a work in progress that Fisher never lacked....The biggest question mark is in "Jake Locker." This kid can either be a Phillip Rivers or Chad Pennington (or worse)....I think him as an athlete and personality fits the "perfect" Munchak mold, and both need to vastly prove to the NFL that they are worthy of their paychecks and status.....

    I very much believe, especially after watching the 2011 team squander a chance at an 11-5 season, can be an easily 10 plus win team this year, and do think that "if" Jake Locker has fun and is coached comfortably to his (and I mean "his") natural ability, he can emerge as the next Steve McNair for the Tennessee Titans....and with all due respect to one of the "toughest and most resilient" quarterbacks in league history in McNair, that is not placing Locker on the level of a "Hall Of Fame" career....
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    3:30 AM ideas are the worst kind of ideas.

    That said, I do believe this team has the most potential of any team since 2008, and 1999 before that.
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    too many unknown factors. McNair was an unproven player who panned out for a span of 3-4 years. That is not any indicator of how another QB will pan out. Eddie George was a workhorse, powerful RB, Chris Johnson is a speed RB with an allegedly questionable work ethic.

    So, IMO. this could be the 2nd coming of the glory days (all 2-3 years of them) or it could be just another built up expectation that leads to disappointment. After these 14 or whatever years of titan fandom, I have learned to have no expectations.
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    There are a lot of similarities though I would say we are more like 1997 going into 1998.
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    Contrary to popular belief on this forum, I have no issues with Munchak and his abilities. I wholesomely feel that our issue with winning lies in the quarterback play and overall talent on the team.

    Munchak and Webster have done a great job this offseason in upgrading the talent.

    Given the 2012 offseason debacle with Peyton (and the lockout situation in 2011), I think this offseason has really been the first one where Munchak has had full reigns over the team.

    IMO, Munchak deserves to coach out his contract before we start looking at alternatives. However, if this season is a total sunken ship then that would change my mind, as I see no reason we shouldn't have a winning record.

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    Delanie Walker said this team has many of the same things the 49er's had going into 2012, so you might be on to something.

    Chris Johnson also said this team feels like the 2008 team that went 13-3.

    I think it's safe to say we're in for a fun season.
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    I try to be as optimistic as anyone but I don't see it.

    In '98, the Tennessee Oilers were a top 10 running team and 15th in passing. Defensively, they were also middle of the pack in total defense and top 10 against the run. They got "The Freak" in the '99 draft which had a major impact along with the new stadium. Kearse took that defense to the next level and the Titans still only went beyond the first round due to a "miracle".

    In '12, the Titans were top 10 against the run but 27th overall. They ended up 21st in rushing offense and 22nd in passing. You hope the new talent makes them more competitive but, IMO, the Titans have a much steeper hill to climb than the '98 team and, IMO, not as talented a group to do it with.