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Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by GoTitans3801, Feb 8, 2008.

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    This is so lame. I wish it would go away and they have not even kicked off the first game yet. Nice logo tools. They are trying to grab onto the retard "neck" market here in Knoxville that will gravitate toward anything ignorant. They got the orange and T part right. Throw in crap players from back in the day and you get a failure of a league that PWT will love. I live in Knoxville and am saying here today that I will be at the first game. I'll be sure to document and post all the ignorance I come across. It will be a celebration of mullets, trailers and cheap beer. Wait guess not. They play on a dry campus......
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    I think for a league where there is more product identity, like basketball, it works. You can see their faces. You remember the players. And the left over players are numerous, and not all that bad. Plus you can have a tournament and draw some interest nationally. In football it is much harder. You don't see or know most of hte players on your college teams, you can't really have a long tournament, and there are fewer games to make money. What it does do is guarantee 60 jobs for your alumni and UT probably likes that. But I do think people will watch this if there is nothing else on.
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    has a chance as long as they keep costs nailed down. I have to wonder if the players have to provide their own insurance cause these guys are probably gonna get hurt. If a player plays here instead of Canada are they admitting they have no shot at the NFL or Canada?
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