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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Fry, Jun 18, 2006.

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  1. Gunny

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    true, i keep forgetting that.

    But Roll you seem to be arguing with yourself, because I agree with the Fisher thing.
  2. Sledge

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    I'd put Olson over Piller (it's not Pillar, it's Piller) LOL
  3. RollTide

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    Olson has been considered the better player than piller.
  4. GoT

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    If the interm coach has the team playing hard down the stretch then yes I would make that hire. Of course the team he took over was not very good or else he would not have had that chance, thus the bad record down the stretch.

    I agree with you. Fisher should fire Schwartz. Fisher was wrong to hire him and is wrong every day for not fireing him the day before. I don't know how that makes me clueless but then again I ain't a bama fan living in Vol country!

    Fisher is too loyal and we all know that. Although it has, after 3 or so years of underperformance, paid off with ST coach Lowrey. ST had a good season in 2005
  5. Gut

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    No we won't rehash the Fisher/Dungy debate. Let's just leave it like Dungy for building up TB, fixing the Colts D and 8 straight playoff appearances.

    I like Fisher because he built up the Titans, took them to a SB, done very well with the talent he had, and is currently rebuilding the team again.

    Of course Fisher desrves criticism for his hanging on to Lowry, Steckel and Schwartz. But as much criticism as I have for Fisher for keeping Steckel, you have to give Dungy the same for hiring Steckel away from us after several bad hires. Dungy got fired for an excellent D but a pathetic offense.

    That's my opinion.

    Yes we could argue that Fisher and the Titans were extremely lucky with the Music City Miracle...but those plays could have changed a lot of teams. How about the Tuck rule changing the outcome of a playoff game and the beginning of the Belicheck era of superiority. With no tuck rule, the Raiders win that game and maybe NE never becomes the team they became. Or how about in the Super Bowl when Kearse crushed Warner forcing an underthrown bomb which Bruce adjusted too...caught, and then ran in for the go ahead TD? No underthrow and that ball is probably incomplete or intercepted with all the momentum in our favor.

    Football is a game of inches and you need a couple of breaks. Sure if the Music City miracle never happened who knows where our team would be today...but it DID happen. The Bills should have expected something like that but they just did their usual kick return coverage...and they lost because of it.

    BTW, Tom Moore is no longer REALLY the offensive's Peyton Manning. Last year Moore went from calling plays (which Manning frequently changed) to SUGGESTING plays which Manning rarely ran. Manning calls all the plays now and it shows in the playoffs.

    Of course, you could argue that Manning is the best OC in our division based on the record setting offensive production year before last, but he's also failed in the biggest games. And when he comes out after Pitt beats him and says...they had some protection breakdowns, guess who calls the pass protections?

    Just FYI.

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