All 32 QB's and where they were drafted

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    Assuming the Titans use one of their 2014 draft picks on a QB, what round should it happen in?

    Here you will see I've listed all 32 teams QB's and the round they were drafted.

    Bills - EJ Manuuel - 1st
    Jets - Geno Smith - 2nd
    Dolphins - Ryan Tannehill - 1st
    Patriots - Tom Brady - 6th

    Bengals - Andy Dalton - 2nd
    Browns - Jason Campbell - 1st (on his 4th team)
    Ravens - Joe Flacco - 1st
    Steelers - Ben Roethlisberger - 1st

    Texans - Matt Schaub - 3rd (2nd team)
    Titans - Jake Locker - 1st
    Jaguars - Chad Henne - 2nd (2nd team)
    Colts - Andrew Luck - 1st

    Broncos - Peyton Manning - 1st
    Chiefs - Alex Smith - 1st (2nd team)
    Raiders - Matt McCloin/Terrelle Pryor - UFA/3rd supplemental
    Chargers - Philip Rivers - 1st

    Giants - Eli Manning - 1st
    Eagles - Nick Foles - 3rd
    Cowboys - Tony Romo - UFA
    Redskins - Robert Griffin - 1st

    49er's - Colin Kaepernick - 2nd
    Seahawks - Russell Wilson - 3rd
    Cardinals - Carson Palmer - 1st (3rd team)
    Rams - Sam Bradford - 1st

    Bears - Jay Cutler - 1st (2nd team)
    Vikings - Christian Ponder - 1st
    Lions - Matt Staford - 1st
    Packers - Aaron Rodgers - 1st

    Falcons - Matt Ryan - 1st
    Saints - Drew Brees - 2nd (2nd team)
    Buccaneers - Mike Glennon - 3rd
    Panthers - Cam Newton - 1st

    Thats 20 1st round QB's for anyone counting, but 5 of this years 12 playoff QB's were picked after the 1st round. Hmm.

    What are your thoughts on waiting til round 2 for a QB?
  2. Zappa71

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    If you say so're the expert round these parts.:D
  3. Zappa71

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    1st round...7th round...21st round...Honestly don't give a fuch as long as they can play 16 games!!!


    Lets pick the best player available again and see how it works out.
  5. TheSureThing

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    There's 6 rounds after the first round plus UFA's so the numbers are skewed like that. The draft pool for the first round every year is 32, while after the first round its around 300 players counting UFA's with a legit shot to make a team. In other words, while there's only 3-4 QB's drafted in the first round any given year, there's 20-30 more quarterbacks going after that round. So of course there's going to be a substantial number of successful QB's taken after round 1. But the hit rate is a lot greater in the 1st round.

    For example, I'm not positive on the exact numbers but its probably something like 1 out of 4 QB's drafted in the 1st round turns out to be a good pick. While in rounds 2-7 its probably up to about 1 in 15. But because there's something like 230 picks from rounds 2-7 you're going to see more successful QB's in those rounds than in just 1 round, but it's not at all a safer bet. It's a numbers game.
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  6. nickmsmith

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    I agree with mr. Johnny football here.

    It's true.

    and I don't know why it's so hard for everybody else to see the truth.. your chances dwindle significantly of finding a QB after the 1st round.. and it's pretty piss poor odds drafting in the 1st, even.
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  7. xpmar9x

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    I doubt we go QB at all, unless Munch is fired
  8. The Hammer

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    Thank goodness you get bored enough at work to actually do all this. I have been saying the same about drafting a potential starter in the second. It is dangerous. Additionally Drew Brees had a high first round grade but dropped because not too many teams were looking to draft a QB that year. He was taken in the second round but with the first pick in the second.

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    Dude it takes me all of 5-6 minutes to bust out one of these threads.
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  10. xpmar9x

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    We're well aware.
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