Alan Lowry..... Fired

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by fonzerrillii23, Jan 11, 2013.

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    The MCM kept Lowry his job for seasons Titans special teams stunk.
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    It's funny to see people rationalize what happens in life/sports/love/family. Kinda silly actually.
    I told you a year ago right here Munch Mouth would fail and he did. Not because of me, but because he had nothing to bring to the table except his brown nosing with the owner.
    Now the owner and Munch Mouth are both idiots for what they did and Tennessee should and will suffer for it for years. Dumb-asses! I feel like Red Foreman talking to Erick!
    It's not that Lowry was the only ST coach on the market. It was that he did his job year in and year out better than the majority of other ST coaches.
    You fools think you should fire a ST coach because his department could not rescue a bunch of poor mistakes made by others? WTF!

    You ought to be here in Dallas!

    We had the God of Coaches with Jimmy Johnson, whether or not you liked him, he took a team from 15/1 to two super bowls in 5 years and a third one that was won by hot dog eating Barry Switzer, which by the way has admitted that he was coach of a super bowl team because of Jimmy's team. 3 super bowls in 5 years. Show me who else has done this? Go ahead and show me.

    And if you start rationalizing I'll just delete you.

    When something works, and is in the cream of the system (lets say the top 20%) for decades, why change it? Winners win, losers don't. It's simple.

    Lowry was part of a winning strategy with Dallas under Jimmy Johnson, with SF and with the Titans. WTF? Does anyone ever look to the history of a person or is todays news all that matters?
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    Do you look at the history of posts?
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    They fired Lowry again? I didn't know he came back..
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    He spelled Eric erick

    Doc is w.p
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    Simma down now metta
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    I'm curious what he meant by "And if you start rationalising I'll just delete you"

    Dude going to start killing people over Alan Lowry?
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