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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Tru Blu, Sep 11, 2011.

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    I'm absolutely baffled at how quickly people have given up on Morgan.

    Most were thrilled to see him coming back. Then he has some swelling and he is a bum and should retire.
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    Loving Ayers right now guys, already made a post about it....

    But this thing has flipped to Morgan, so lets talk Morgan

    Childress/Priz: 'If you were a Morgan' is tough to say as is calling him a bum. We, as fans, are worse than critics. We know less and write more - in general. Im not saying i wouldnt be pushing myself all the way either, but talk is cheap.

    but....he spend his whole life playing and practicing for this game. Being a 1st round talent isnt by luck in no means whatsoever - so im sure he wants to be PLAYING more than you'd ever want. He gave up much of his childhood for this moment....

    If i look at my life, i can see a lot of things, and i mean a lot of things, i could do better that would make me better in my line of work. but i also know that his 'list' of things to be better at are fewer than mine. so i wont comment on his....

    (dont dramatize that, take it for what it is. i know the life of pro sport players are a mess usually, but in terms of skill, in their profession,.....)

    I don't know why they made it sound like he was ready in camp. i blame team officals for that one. if a player hears that, i'd imagine that he'd start believing it too - in no way a good thing.

    i really do understand where your comin from though...im definitely still worried about Morgan. in his limited, andi mean very limited play, he has already shown flashes of becoming a great DE. and i use the word flashes because, he is seemingly good consistently but by flashing only referring to his limited play from injuries. ACL is like the axel of my car, i broke it once it was never the same. bought a new car. these guys get paid a lot, but there is not a place where you can buy that. i really hope he can turn it around.
  3. Scarecrow

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    I will be honest, I am bummed Morgan has not been playing much. However, after seeing what happened to guys like Calico, I would rather him take all the time he needs to be totally 100% and just get it off our minds.

    I may feel differently if we were a super bowl caliber team, but we are not even close and we knew that by mid season last year. It sucks even more its not at a position that really benefits from sitting a year or two, but its the hand we (more so he) has been dealt. I do not think its fair to write him off yet.
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    Hyperbaric chamber would probably only be useful in the early stages after the surgery and I'm not aware of studies that have proven any effect in humans.
    And how do you know that he didn't do 1-2 hours of pool work every day? How do you know he didn't lift, stretch or run every day? You don't need fancy equipment or doctors to rehab from ACL surgery. Having a trainer to help you do your excercises is good, but as long as you have a solid program, it's not required and the lockout prevented that anyway!

    Armchair coaches is one thing, but armchair doctors, that's just too funny.
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    Again, where you getting this info from? The stronger your muscles around the knee, the shorter the rehab, so a guy like Morgan would rehab faster than ordinary people (as would most football players). Most surgeons say 6-12 months before you can go 100%. And getting your strength and speed back doesn't take more than 3-6 months of hard work, if that! The big thing is usually the mental aspect of trusting the knee to be ok, but that's highly individual.
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    I used to be baffled by that crap before, but now I accept having to put up with it to socialize with other Titans fans. Some Titans fans are just like that. They were bashing Britt over his hammy even worse. Saying he wouldn't make it through the first half of the first game and stuff. CJ still hasn't been forgiven for having his "foot twisted off by savages" in the 2008 playoff game.
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    sometimes preception is reality. DM SHOULD have been a professional and put the Titans ahead of his Hakuna Matata trip
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