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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by acqua7, Oct 21, 2013.

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    I feel like we have got to get the OL all on the same page. I understand that Levitre is new to the group and it takes time to gel with the other guys, but he is a highly paid vet and he needs to prove that he is worthy. Which in my opinion he hasn't. I feel the same way about Stewart and Warmack. If they aren't gonna show that they're worthy of starting, bring in the next guy in line.

    No one should be complacent and nothing should be given. I like the idea of using CJ more creatively and just being more lively with the offense as a whole. We have plenty of weapons and we have got to use them to our advantage. Because as of right now we're not getting near as much out of them as we should be.

    Defense can't be expected to carry us the entire way, the offense has got to do it's fair share of work. I feel bad for Reynaud on a personal level because he seems like a good guy but I love that Munchak is willing to make that move. It is/was obvious to everyone that that call had to be made. He simply hurt us way more than he helped us and had to be given the pink slip.

    I've said it since the beginning of camp, pre-season and opening of the season, we will go as far as Jake takes us. This is his team this year, and if doesn't get it done there won't be a next year for him or this coaching staff.
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    You are crazy if you want to bench Warmack. You don't invest a top 10 pick at OG and then send him to the bench after 7 games. He has been playing next to Turner who obviously didn't get it done and Stewart who is injured. Schwenke, Warmack, and Levitre are the core of this OL for the next 5 yrs. At least we hope they are. Lets give them time to get things worked out. I liked what I saw against the 49ers. CJ made it to the 2nd level several times and was really close to breaking a long one.

    Regarding CJ's role. He just doesn't have the hands to be used like Sproles. I think you split carries between CJ and Greene and when one gets hot then they get more carries. Competition is a good thing. I'd love to see CJ with the ball in space more but just not sure how to get it accomplished.

    I'd love to put CJ and Greene on the field together. Put CJ in the slot and then have him come in motion towards the QB. Hike the ball and let Locker either give it to Greene on a power run, hand it off to CJ coming around on the reverse, or fake to both and throw a pass. Just something to make the defenses guess where the ball is going. Right now we just seem to run such a vanilla offense.

    The key is going to be if the interior OL can get it going and if Locker can protect the ball like he did in the first games of the year.
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    Even during the month long stretch where we didn't have a single INT, Locker still had some bad throws that could have been intercepted. He's always going to have that chance of an INT, but more than half the time he gets lucky and the DB's show why they're not WR's.
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    It was a tuff stretch and we had our 2nd QB for a couple of the toughest games.
    We also didn't have our best RB which cost us a TD on the one yard line that was critcal.
    The Houston loss is the one that really upsets me the most. We should have won that game.
    Division and conference game that might really come back to bite us.

    The good side of things is Locker really looks impressive considering he is dealing with a poor run game. If we can pick up the run game his throws will come even easier and we might get more big play opportunities.

    I think the OL is coming around. Warmack is playing a little better and should continue to improve. I thought the change at C was a big upgrade after watching the rookie last game.
    7-2 is possible but we have to cut back on the stupid penalties and drops.
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    I actually projected us to be 3-4 at this point, and I projected us to be 10-6 by the end of the looks like all our games are winnable except for denver and the colts in indy, so my projection and a playoff birth is still very possible... man, I wonder what our record would be if we had mariani playing instead of reynaud...smh
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