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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by CJtheBeast, Aug 29, 2010.

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  1. CJtheBeast

    CJtheBeast Starter

    What do you feel good about? What makes you nervous. And what do you feel bad about?

    I feel good about our entire defense. I think it'll be tough to consistently move the ball against them. I think they hit a lot harder than last year.

    I get nervous about out o-line and backup RB spot. I actually like Gado the most.

    I don't really feel bad about anything. I feel pretty confident the team will win 10 games. If we can win in the division we'll make playoffs and have the talent to pretty much play with anybody.
  2. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady


    DL depth. Ford, Morgan, Hayes, Babin, Ball, and Brock all seem like they can play. I think Babin was a decent pick-up this offseason.

    Will Witherspoon, another solid pickup this offseason.

    The #2 CB competition, Verner vs. McCourty is improving these guys both alot.

    That we actually blitz more than 4 people!

    LaGarrette Blount, for an undrafted player - he's quite good. I can't wait till he takes the #2 RB spot!


    OL, it seems like the Panthers got pressure on VY way to much.

    Injuries, watching the games I get so nervous someone will get hurt!

    Returners, KR/PR seems to struggle everyyear for us since Pac-Man. I hope Marc Mariani makes the team, he seems to be the best we have.
  3. Eddyc85

    Eddyc85 Go Bucks!

    I'm liking what I'm seeing from the defense and since we're so young on defense I think we're going to get better. I'd be comfortable Verner and McCourty as our 2 and 3 corners. I'm also hoping the sack numbers and QB pressures go up. And this is pretty much without Morgan.

    The offense, well we'll see. CJ didn't have a good pre season which doesn't concern me, I just don't think the plays we called were that impressive and he really didn't care much. So hard to judge the offense when CJ isn't doing anything. But Young looked pretty good, Stevens was a nice surprise and Mariani looks like he's gonna be a player.
  4. jessestylex

    jessestylex DeadGirlsCantSayNo

    I think we can still get beat pretty bad though the Air with a good QB.

    It all depends on how the Dline gets to the QB, Jason Jones looks like a beast,with him Tony Brown and Morgan we should be able to pressure the QB enough to take the pressure off the secondary. i hope.
  5. Bababooey

    Bababooey Veteran

    The Good:

    VY looks like a better passer himself. Whether the defense allows the pass and he has enough time to make them in the regular season is another story.

    This DL keeps getting better and better as players return. It seems like the Babin and Bakhitiari pressures were just a sign that the players they were filling in for were still deservedly higher on the depth chart. Nice to see nice play throughout the line and that the starters are truly worth their playing time so far.

    The #2 CB battle looked like an awful showing against Seattle but the past two games have proven that Mouton's play wasn't quite starter caliber as Verner and McCourty have stepped up significantly and proven they both want the job.

    Our late picks/UDFAs have looked very promising. Namely Mariani, Blount, and (S.) Johnson. In his few carries, Stafon Johnson looked like what could be an explosive back as a mirror to CJ's style while Blount is bringing agility to a Brandon Jacobs-style body type (though shorter) and running style. Mariani looks to be in the mold of Welker/Collie with deceptive elusiveness and quick movement. He may be the answer for ST as well. One could even say that Verner was a late-round pick and we all know his worth so far.

    Our LBs look decent with starters on the field. McRath/Witherspoon/Tulloch look good and our blitz schemes make Tulloch a hard guy to block being so bulky against RBs.

    Right now, I'd say it's a plus for our receiving corps. Our vets are finally stepping up and even Williams and Stevens are playing at a nice level, something we may not have expected or even needed for success this year, but we got it. Jared Cook needs to get his blocking on par with the rest of the league and at least try to get consistent catching. It's clear he has ability from the Panthers game, now can we see it every week?

    Our K and P situation look fine. I wish Kern had a bit bigger of a leg, but for a young punter he seems to be coming along. Bironas is Bironas, you can't hate on too much with him.

    Also, as an aside, Ahmard Hall is poised to have his best year yet statistically. He's been making plays left and right as a blocker and receiver and even layed a nasty hit on ST. He looks to be our sort of iron man this year as he has been in the past.

    The Bad:

    While it's not a major concern considering last year and how we really don't need big runs from him in the preseason, it's not fun to watch CJ2K get buried at the line play after play.

    The OL has been great, and it's been spotty at best. We need consistent play up front on offense if we want to even sniff the playoffs.

    Until the Panthers game, I'd say this was a neutral subject but clearly special teams needs improved. We allowed a KR and also had two big mess-ups from 3rd rounder Damian Williams in allowing a 76 yard punt from not catching a ball and also fumbling on another PR. Mariani may have just earned himself a roster spot with this week's play by Damian at WR (and lack of play at KR/PR).

    The Ugly:

    It's clear we need a completely healthy defense to function. If it were to get into a situation where two CBs are out, we could be in a heap of trouble. I'd say the only place we don't need a fully healthy unit is DL.

    The safety play is not even close to what it was a few years ago. While they aren't giving up huge plays every down, I haven't heard Griffin or Hope called once other than a holding penalty on special teams on Griffin. It's like our safeties have disappeared almost.

    Britt went from rookie contributor to lazy second string receiver far too fast for anyone's liking. Now it seems like he has complete disdain for football and I'd hate to keep guys like that around too long. I think it may be able to turn into a VY situation though where the player relies on athleticism alone, begins to lose play time and as he is almost seemingly out of the league, he gets his head on his shoulders and puts in the proper time for the sport, not just the job.

    Our backup RB position should be someone who can get yards every carry. Right now, Ringer is a more CJ-type boom or bust runner. Gado seems to be pushing for that role but Blount has shown recently he has the moves for the role as well. Right now though, Ringer is number two. It seems like the right guys can't take the job while the runner who can pick up yards over a game-length keeps the #2 spot. Interesting how this will be solved. All I know is we need a guy who can pick up 2-3 yards EVERY carry, not 0,1,46 over three carries at least at #2.

    The #3 QB situation. After game 2, it looked pretty clear Rusty Smith was our #3 guy but now game three has cast skepticism on his skill. It's likely just being a rookie, as I believe, but I'm sure people will start calling to see Simms more again. That's just how it goes, I guess.
  6. Gene the PIG

    Gene the PIG I'm Winning The Future

    Defense looks great, & the offense looks shakey.

    the end
  7. jessestylex

    jessestylex DeadGirlsCantSayNo

    LenDale White looks good tonight, just scored a TD.
  8. aws090883

    aws090883 Camp Fodder

    about what i feel.its the preseason alot of players that are vets are not going hard.the young guyz are playing like they want to make the team which is good.i just hope the ones that do continue to do so and play hard good football.kick returns is still a concern to me.we need a reliable guy to make the catch and make some plays.i hope we can get that under control because thats a big part of the game.i hope that mark mariani is the real deal because i think he plays with alot of heart our there.other than that i just want the real season to start.maybe 2 preseason games is enough
  9. Alex1939

    Alex1939 Space Invaders Champion

    I'm not reading much into preseason.

    I'm still heavily concerned that good passing teams are going to torch us. Besides a question mark at CB2, the safeties just aren't looking as good as I'd like.

    LB is a real concern the first 4 games of the season without McRath.

    I give a plus to Tulloch though, he looks ready for a true breakout year. Derrick Morgan (without practice, so Fisher hasn't screwed him up yet.. i kid i kid) looks promising. D-line is encouraging.

    Our O looks good, still just need consistency and effort from the WRs, but defenses will have a tough time containing both VY and CJ. The preseason problems for O last game don't worry me.
  10. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler


    I have not watched our last game yet, only highlights but from what I've seen so far...


    Offense - The OL is absolutely shockingly bad...even for pre-season! Roos looks like he's given up more pressures in a few pre-season games than he did all of last year and he's getting beat by solid guys, not Mathis/Freeney types. I point him out because we WILL see some monster pass rushers and we can't afford to have to double to help him. But the rest of the OL has been shaky when it should be STRONG! Scott has also been very shaky. If they don't pick it up big time, CJ is gonna get beat up and we'll have a rude awakening on offense!

    Britt looks like he's gone backwards since last year. Not that he's bad, but he doesn't look like he's taken a step forward.

    Scaife doesn't look like he can block ME right now! Every outside run that CJ gets stuffed on, there is usually a Scaife missed block (sometimes Roos or Stewart 'help' out). If he can't block, Stevens should start. Cook looks like he can block better than Scaife and Cook's blocking is below avg right now.

    VY is making some questionable decisions with the ball...fumbling it and dropping it. You can also see the lack of confidence VY has in the OL at times making him rush some throws and not step up at times leading to some errant throws. He also still needs work throwing short crossing or out patterns to his left. He throws the comebacker at 10-15yds nicely and a deep go route or corner, but his other pass to his left are only serviceable (catchable but not much chance for YAC).

    Defense - Still blowing some coverage. Still seeing CB's in good coverage not looking back for the ball (McCourty) and giving up big plays as a result. Verner has been royally toasted at times but has benefited from bad throws (behind, over, or beyond the WR). Senderrick Marks still ends up on the ground too much. Who is our starting RDE opposite Morgan?

    ST - return and coverage usual!!!

    Happy about...
    Offense - VY looks like he knows the offense even better than last year and has a better idea what to do with it given different situations. VY has shown some nice touch given some pressure and even having to drift backwards. Give him time and we should be fine! I don't think the coaches are sold on Simms so the old man stays...but does Smith?

    CJ is the best RB in football. Now give him some room! I like Ringer and Gado. Too bad about Stafon cuz I think he'd be competing for the #2 easily.

    WR's - when was the last time we had too many good options at WR. Alright, so we don't have too many, but we have ENOUGH! Finally!

    TE - 3 TE's who are hard or impossible to cover!

    FB - I like it!!!

    Defense - I really like that for the most part, we've gotten back to the most fundamental part of playing defense...TACKLING! I'm seeing a lot of effort, desire and technique in our tackling that was sorely lacking too much of the time last season. Give up a 10 yd pass but nail the guy immediately and prevent yac! Even the young guys are flying around. Good pursuit and good tackling. Also, tactically I'm seeing stuff we didn't do much last year. We took almost half a season to move our front 4 out of a base look. I've already seen us put 3 to one side and got a nice pressure out of it! More of that and we don't have to blitz as much.

    But when we have blitzed, it's been nice to see our S's make some plays and be in the right place forcing checkdowns and making the tackle or play on the ball.

    The DL looks like it could be really nice this year. I think if Brown, Jones, Morgan and Hayes or some facsimile is healthy this year, we have the POTENTIAL to have one of the best front 4's in the NFL. And our backups have been playing out of their minds!

    The LB corp looks a lot better than expected. Tulloch has become the beast I thought he would and Spoon has been better than advertised. McGrath has some work to do but our LB corp has not made me think WHERES BULLUCK too much.

    With a vicious front 4, our secondary should be better even if it didn't gain talent. McCourty will likely start over Verner right now, but Verner is probably the long term answer and will probably see some time this year on the outside. Considering we had major CB health problems last year, it's nice that we finally have some talented depth there as well!

    Bironas is Bironas!!!

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