AFC still wide open

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Childress79, Nov 14, 2011.

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  1. Titans Eternal

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  2. mike75

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    Houston began play as the Texans in 2002 and there was five year gap between 1997 and 2001 where there was no football.After the Oilers left in 1997 and came to Tennessee did you still support that Oilers/Titans team at any point in time between '97 and 2002?
  3. RollTide

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    I don't see the afc as wide open. The Steelers are the class of the afc and will most likely be the afc champ. That said though every other team looks beatable.

    The Pats can't stop anyone and the jets have had problems on both sides of the ball. The Bills are falling back to earth. I think the Bengals will also especially if Green's injury cost him some time. Dunlap also has a hammy problem now that kept him out of the Steeler game.
  4. quagliero

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    Yeah I'd agree with that, depending on what mood the Ravens are in.

    I rifle through scenarios in my head that would put us in a wildcard spot etc, and they all rely (surprisingly) on us winning. That's the factor that seems to get overlooked. Can WE be consistent enough to string together a 4 or 5 game win streak?
  5. GoT

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    see below
  6. jplusip

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    The AFC is just a clown conference this year. I mean, the Steelers aren't that good this year, and after them there's... nobody really worth mentioning. Patriots have no defense, Ravens can't beat bad teams, AFC West is just a circus, and AFC South is the special olympics.

    I swear, watching the playoffs in the AFC is just going to be sad. Meanwhile, the NFC is going to have a string up epic football match-ups since all of the elite teams are in that conference this year. I don't even think the Super Bowl needs to be played, just give it to whoever wins out the NFC and spare us the inevitable beat down that will occur.

    I mean, if you make it to the playoffs in the NFC this year, you earned it. If you make it to the playoffs in the AFC this year, you just didn't suck as much as everyone else.
  7. mike75

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    I see Green Bay back in the super bowl again this year and if by some chance a team like New England gets in their defense will be absolutely obliterated by the Packers offense especially considering the Patriots are horrible on defense.Now the Patriots could probably put up some points so most likely it would be a high scoring contest.
  8. jplusip

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    I'm not sure any team in the AFC could take the Packers... those guys are just playing on a whole different level than the rest of the league.
  9. Big Time Titan

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    I'm not sure any team can beat the Packers with the way they're playing. Rodgers is a beast!
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    If the Packers keep going the way they have been, they'll go undefeated and win another title.
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