AFC South shows well in PFW awards

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky <p>I'm not finding a link to it, so I am working old school here -- Pro Football Weekly just arrived in my mailbox, and here are the AFC South pieces of its 2008 All-NFL Team:</p> <p>Quarterback Peyton Manning, Colts<br /> Wide receiver Andre Johnson, Texans<br /> Center Kevin Mawae, Titans<br /> Tackle Michael Roos, Titans<br /> Defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, Titans<br /> Cornerback Cortland Finnegan, Titans</p> <p>Manning is the publication's Most Valuable Player.</p> <p>The All-AFC team includes the six players above plus:</p> <p>Running back Chris Johnson, Titans<br /> Defensive end Mario Williams, Texans</p> <p>And the PFW All-Rookie team includes Johnson, center Jamey Richard of the Colts, guard Mike Pollak of the Colts, defensive lineman Jason Jones of the Titans and linebacker Xavier Adibi of the Texans.</p>

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    Go Jason Jones!
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    JJ's hot...i hope he becomes a force at the end. i like these utility players
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